Seven Headed Beast of Revelation

The New U.N.’s goal is not to get rid of Christianity where a Jewish Messiah/Christ is God. They want you to doubt that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. Listen to Jesus !

In the book of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13, there will be a uniting of certain world kingdoms. That did not start to happen till after WW I called the League of Nations in 1918-19. This is when everything accelerated. The nations realigned after WW II in 1945 to the United Nations. After WW III there will be a realigning again and a New U.N.

The U.N. is now a 5 headed beast, because 5 countries have the veto power controlling the rest. It acts more like a kitten, because the 5 powers : U.K., France, Russia, United States and China do not all agree on how to rule the world. So they constantly threaten to veto others and each other.

Soon in order to try and make peace in the Middle-East, they will go forward with a two state solution. One for Palestine and one for Israel. They want the three monotheistic faiths; Christian, Jewish and Moslem/Islam to be able to worship in Jerusalem in peace and safety. That is their initial agenda.

They will “Annex the city of Jerusalem”. The U. N. is going to allow it to have its own government like Vatican city. Who is a permanent nonmember and protected by the Swiss Guard. Although it will be a permanent member of the United Nations and under its protection.

It will have a Governor only responsible to the U.N. and a religious Overseer that looks after the Holy sites. This annex will take place in the next few years. Near the end of the website- are some of the documents.

The Harlot “Mystery Babylon The Great” that rides the Beast in Revelation 17 – is Jerusalem. She gave away God’s wisdom and paid for the wisdom of other gods. God divorced her sister Israel for her harlotry and scattered her. Jerusalem in Judaea (currently called the nation of Israel) will once again say she sits a Queen. She will be a place for many Religions. That is the ultimate prize for the fallen ones. To deceive the world, that religion brings salvation and mock God.

After the Annex, the Jews will start building their 3rd temple on the “Temple Mount” in Jerusalem next to the Mosque. This will cause a major Muslim uprising. The first governor might be injured by aggressive Muslims to fulfill a twisted prophecy. The U.N. will react.

The U.N. needs to have an enemy to go to war with for WW III and then save the people from the enemy to look like a hero. The leader of the U.N. is the rider on the “Red horse” with a sword in revelation 6,2nd Seal. For its war to stop the worldwide Muslim Jihad, World War III. The U.N. will be divided and lose great influence over the world.

Millions might die on both sides, it has to be done to create peace. Russia will take advantage of the chaos and retake Eastern Europe basically unchallenged. America does not have enough ground troops to defeat or control all the Radical Muslims around the world. It can not occupy all their lands and will also suffer losses at home.

China will probably defend several Muslim nations for the oil. America might have to take out China’s larger Navy and ground its Air-force. Small nukes might be used. That may be why America and China, who now have U.N. veto status, will lose it in the New U.N..

A governor of Jerusalem will broker a peace agreement. It was his idea to defeat the Muslim aggression. Along with the nation of Israel they will validate him. People all over the world will give praise and see the governor as a savior. That is what a Christ/Messiah is, a savior of the people. They want you to start thinking Religious Peace.

Then WW III will end with the U.N. battered and victorious. There will be a realigning of world powers and their influences, creating a new U.N.. The new U.N. controlling the nations is the 1st beast that comes out of the sea in revelation 13. The sea are the gentiles.

The governor will rule from the Annexed Jerusalem with the religious overseer, possibly his Chief Secretary. The Governor will influence world governments by claiming “Justice for All”. He is the rider on the “Black horse”  with the scales. Revelation 6, 3rd Seal. Their 2 lamb horn government is the 2nd beast that comes out of the earth, revelation 13. The earth is God’s covenant people Israel.

Some might see the governor as a David or Vishnu or Buddha or Mahdi. Jerusalem will suffer damage in the war. The nations will gladly help to rebuild and make her pretty, in order to honor the governor. God will refer to it as Sodom and Egypt. Revelation 11:8.

In the bible…Daniel 7 and Revelation 13, all talk about a 7 headed beast with ten horns. It is the new U.N. after the Jihad war.

The four Beasts of Daniel 7, have 7 heads: the Lion-England, who no longer looks to America for protection (No eagles wings). It stands up on its own with courage. The Bear- Russia, who will be satisfied retaking Eastern Europe. Then is asked to be in charge.

The Leopard- is a total of four countries –France,- Spain , –Germany and –Italy. Which receives the deadly wound in WW III, when the Muslims attack Rome. The four join for protection and commerce (4 wings of a fowl). There will be no more European Union with 28 nations like today.

Many of these 6 countries call themselves Christian nations. Not for Jesus, but because their Kings and Queens are descendants of the King, Christian IV of Denmark 1596. It is amazing how many European monarchs came from him and how the families are still in power.

The fourth Beast and 7th head- is religious India. The religion is Hindu and India will have ten leaders. Later the new U.N. will have a new Hindu spokesperson ( little horn ). When Apollo comes out of the abyss, seven of the leaders and three with the little horn, will join him. They become ten kings for a little while.

Those 7 countries will have veto power in the new U.N. over the other 200+countries. They are the 7 heads of the beast, cousins and Blue Bloods. Revelation 13 puts them all together as one beast, that Satan gives his authority to.

The name of the 1st beast might be the “New Europe Russia Organization” N.E.R.O. or “New Europe Russia India Organization” N.E.R.I.O. the name of a Roman goddess of war, which tribute was given to. Her name in Hindu is Kali, the Black goddess of war. She is married to Shiva/Satan.

All nations will be subject to its laws, many against Christians who claim “Jesus is the only way to the Father, God and hope of salvation”. America will not be welcomed to participate in its leadership. Due to its many loses of troops throughout the world, it will become a more isolated super power. To participate in commerce it will be under the new U.N. laws.


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