The AntiChrist ?? Who is it ??

Note: the word antichrist is NOT in the Book of Revelation. Although 99.99% of all bible scholars claim it is. Yet it is not. The spirit of Jesus, is the spirit of Prophecy. In the book of Revelation is the False prophet. Although the False prophet is really two separate people.

Revelation 13 describes them as a two horned lamb ( beast out of the earth). Meaning they are two leaders who present no harm other then to falsely prophesize. So what do they prophesize ??? They claim the New United Nations after WW III are the good guys. The two of them claim we should pledge allegiance to the New U.N. flag and the laws that it stands for. Which is religious peace by enforcement.

The New U.N. will have a religious peace keeping force to protect all religions who want to preach in boxes. Example…temples, mosques, synagogues and churches. They will just have to pay a tax to the New U.N.. That is the Mark of the Beast. Protection by the New U.N.. The New U.N. is the beast out of the water in Revelation 13. If you preach in public …you will be fined or imprisoned or killed.

So get back to the antichrist !!! ok. The U.N. is going to Annex Jerusalem for themselves. They will take it away from Israel and the Palestinians. It will have a governor and religious leader to look after the holy sites. They are the 2 horned lamb. Jesus was to be named Immanuel ( God with us) but the angel named him Jesus.

As you know …. JESUS IS NOT GOD !!!!! He is the son of God sent here to represent his Father…who is God. God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son. Why is this IMPORTANT ???? An antichrist is someone who denies the Father and the son.

The governor of the annex Jerusalem after WW III…when it is controlled by the New U.N. is going to be the “antichrist”. His name will have something to do with Immanuel or Emanuel. He will eventually claim to be the ultimate authority and above God…making himself god.

Now you know the truth about the antichrist…his name and his job before he claims to be above God. Jerusalem will be a place for many religions including Hindu. The bad people of the world want to mock God, by claiming religion brings salvation.

The truth…we do not always listen to God and his guidance. That is called Sin. The wages of sin is death because we not only harm ourselves, but others. It is appointed man to die and then judgement. Not repenting of your sin will lead to the 2nd death. That is permanent !!!

In the past we have not listened and deserve death. All we do is say we are sorry to God and do it again and again. We can no longer go directly to God. He said so. We need a savior.

By God’s grace..he said if we listen to this one thing He says…we will be forgiven for everything.

This is what God is saying…..go to His son Jesus forgiveness and then you can go to God in right standing. Then God will give you Eternal life. That is why Jesus is truly the only way to the Father and only hope of salvation.

The Holy Spirit is your guarantee !!! Holy Spirit will convict you of future sins, so you can correct your ways. He also brings you into the remembrance of truth. This is how we improve our lives.

Yes it is possible to live forever !!!



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