The Revelation – “666” and UFOs

Even if you have not taken the opportunity to read the Bible. You will enjoy the book of Revelation and the summary below. I explain our future in detail, in order to help you. Now that you made it this far in my website, you will be amazed how much you know. By Joseph Benante. Many more pictures telling the rest of the story on my other pages. Just click from the # menu above.

      The Earth has indeed Expanded.

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A Seraph is just a man deemed good by God 1000s of years ago. Who was given the opportunity to build spaceships on earth and leave and come back. After judgment the Seraphim used all of the four clan’s insignias. In the picture on the left is a Black man. He is wearing a space suit and carrying a lion helmet. In the picture on the right is a Red man, again in a space suit with a bull helmet. This one is being beamed up to the Mothership. It appears he is rescuing a child. I hope this helps you to understand Messengers/Angelos/Angels/Aliens and put away the lies. Read the Bible and Get ready !!

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Sharing the Revelation

God gave the Revelation to Jesus, who gave it to an angel, who gave it to John. It was written to seven churches in Asia-Minor /west Turkey and a generation that would come in the future. The book was written prior to 67 A.D., not in 96 A.D.. John wrote it in about 52 A.D. on the island of Patmos, making his way to Ephesus. He was not exiled there or imprisoned at the age of 90 by a Roman ruler name Domitian.

Paul mentions a man in spirit or flesh going to the 3rd heaven. The 3rd heaven and 3rd earth is the future. He is boasting not about himself, but about John and his vision. ( 2 Corinthians 12:2 ) Paul did not write 1/3 of the new testament, his letters survived. Later Jesus would go to protect those churches. Yes and very interesting.

In Daniel 2, Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a statue. The prophecy says there will be 4 kingdoms on earth that will control Jerusalem. Then an everlasting kingdom would be set up. The 4 kingdom statue stood upon feet made of iron and clay. Rome/iron ruled Jerusalem, with the Israelite leaders/clay. 

If you count from Julius Caesar to Titus Flavius Vespasianus, you come up with ten leaders or the ten toes. Jesus was born in that time, died and rose again. It was when his everlasting kingdom came to be. In 70 A.D. Titus Flavius ordered the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by his son Titus.

Then the Roman empire killed a million Jews and enslaved over a 100,000. They did not touch the seven churches like Jesus promised. He told them “I come quickly”… not 2000 years later. We know this because in 170 A.D. they started compiling the books. The seven churches still had some letters from Paul and the book of Revelation.

Why has it been over 2000 years before these things will happen ?

Do you ever wonder what is really going to happen with Jerusalem and the world ? I will help you with bible prophecy. If people do not listen to you about Jesus…they do NOT go to hell. If they listen, repent and tell someone else, they live for 1000 years with Jesus at his return.

The New U.N.’s goal is not to get rid of Christianity where a Jewish Messiah/Christ is God. They want you to doubt that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. Listen to Jesus !

In the book of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13, there will be a uniting of certain world kingdoms. That did not start to happen till after WW I called the League of Nations in 1918-19. This is when everything accelerated. The nations realigned after WW II in 1945 to the United Nations. After WW III there will be a realigning again and a new U.N.

The U.N. is now a 5 headed beast, because 5 countries have the veto power controlling the rest. It acts more like a kitten, because the 5 powers : U.K., France, Russia, United States and China do not all agree on how to rule the world. So they constantly threaten to veto others and each other.

Soon in order to try and make peace in the Middle-East, they will go forward with a two state solution. One for Palestine and one for Israel. They want the three monotheistic faiths; Christian, Jewish and Moslem/Islam to be able to worship in Jerusalem in peace and safety. That is their initial agenda.

They will “Annex the city of Jerusalem”. The U. N. is going to allow it to have its own government like Vatican city. Who is a permanent nonmember and protected by the Swiss Guard. Although it will be a permanent member of the United Nations and under its protection.

It will have a Governor only responsible to the U.N. and a religious Overseer that looks after the Holy sites. This annex will take place in the next few years. Near the end of the website are some of the documents.

Israel’s twelve tribes were divided 3000 years ago and then the term Israel; was for the ten northern tribes, capital Samaria. Israel was scattered by the Assyrians mostly to west Europe. In 1492 many would go to the Americas. The term Judah/Judaea; is for the two southern tribes, capital Jerusalem. Judah was exiled to Babylon for 70 years.

Ezekiel 37 16-22. Then took over all the land of Israel. Some scattered Israelites who were still held captive by the Assyrians and nearby nations came back and joined them. Then they had only one king over them all, a king from Judah. They fled or were taken captive to east Europe by the Romans. Over time many made it to the Americas.

The United Nations called them back in 1948, not God. They did not get all their land back. The U.N. wanted them to fight for it and still does. Today people use the terms Israel to describe both tribes. They call its people Jews. This is incorrect and can get people confused.

The rest of Israel (Israelites) and Judaea (the Jews) are still divided to this day. Only when Jesus the king of the Jews (southern tribes) returns, will the true king of Israel (northern tribes) bow at Jesus’ feet. Handing his crown to him for all to see. Only then will all the tribes be one.

Why is this important ? One of the U.N’s Annexed Jerusalem’s governors and a religious overseer, they are the 2 horns/leaders that will be controlled by Satan. The governor will claim to be ruler over both northern and southern tribes. He will want to call back all the scattered Israelites and Jews from the nations claiming peace.

Note: The best way to read the Bible is from Genesis to Revelation. Put everything you know on a “shelf”, try and clear your mind. Then let the books tell you the information, the writers want you to know. If you are like me, at the end of it, you will want to throw away the “shelf” and everything on it.

You will realize for the first time, you have been lied to your whole life. Some start the lies and others wittingly or unwittingly perpetuate them. Satan is the father of lies.

The seven Churches, Seals, Trumpets, Vials and writings in between.

The seven churches are self explanatory. The warnings to them were in the past. Although we can all learn from each others mistakes. They are not dispensations of time or have to do with today’s churches.

Then the angel says to John in a vision “Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter”. Many Bible Scholars say this is the Rapture to heaven, for Jesus’ church. Yet, coming hither is mentioned three more times in the book. One is to the wilderness and one is to the top of a mountain. Are they Raptures too ???

The seven Seals are the order of things which will happen. The seven Trumpets are the order of the troubles during Satan’s tribulations. The seven Vials are the order of God’s wrath, on those who remain defiant and Satan and his followers.

The best way to read the book of Revelation is from the 1st page to the last. Paying attention to what you read. This is so you can see where the book repeats. You will see me going back and forth in the book of revelation while explaining it. This is because some parts overlap and repeat. Then each time they give us more information. I hope this helps.

The Harlot “Mystery Babylon The Great” that rides the Beast in Revelation 17 – is Jerusalem. She gave away God’s wisdom and paid for the wisdom of other gods. God divorced her sister Israel for her harlotry and scattered her. Jerusalem in Judaea (currently called the nation of Israel) will once again say she sits a Queen. She will be a place for many Religions. That is the ultimate prize for the fallen ones. To deceive the world, that religion brings salvation and mock God.

After the Annex, the Jews will start building their 3rd temple on the “Temple Mount” in Jerusalem next to the Mosque. This will cause a major Muslim uprising. The first governor might be injured by aggressive Muslims to fulfill a twisted prophecy. The U.N. will react.

The U.N. needs to have an enemy to go to war with for WW III and then save the people from the enemy to look like a hero. The leader of the U.N. is the rider on the “Red horse” with a sword in revelation 6, 2nd Seal. For its war to stop the worldwide Muslim Jihad, World War III. The U.N. will be divided and lose great influence over the world.

Millions might die on both sides, it has to be done to create peace. Russia will take advantage of the chaos and retake Eastern Europe basically unchallenged. America does not have enough ground troops to defeat or control all the Radical Muslims around the world. It can not occupy all their lands and will also suffer losses at home.

China will probably defend several Muslim nations for the oil. America might have to take out China’s larger Navy and ground its Air-force. Small nukes might be used. That may be why America and China, who now have U.N. veto status, will lose it in the new U.N..

A governor of Jerusalem will broker a peace agreement. It was his idea to defeat the Muslim aggression. Along with the nation of Israel they will validate him. People all over the world will give praise and see the governor as a savior. That is what a Christ/Messiah is, a savior of the people. They want you to start thinking Religious Peace.

Then WW III will end with the U.N. battered and victorious. There will be a realigning of world powers and their influences, creating a new U.N.. The new U.N. controlling the nations is the 1st beast that comes out of the sea in revelation 13. The sea are the gentiles.

The governor will rule from the Annexed Jerusalem with the religious overseer, possibly his Chief Secretary. The Governor will influence world governments by claiming “Justice for All”. He is the rider on the “Black horse”  with the scales. Revelation 6, 3rd Seal. Their 2 lamb horn government is the 2nd beast that comes out of the earth, revelation 13. The earth is God’s covenant people Israel.

Some might see the governor as a David or Vishnu or Buddha or Mahdi. Jerusalem will suffer damage in the war. The nations will gladly help to rebuild and make her pretty, in order to honor the governor. God will refer to it as Sodom and Egypt. Revelation 11:8.

In the bible…Daniel 7 and Revelation 13, all talk about a 7 headed beast with ten horns. It is the new U.N. after the Jihad war. The leaders are the Aristocracy, which in Greek means “rule the beast”. They are the descendants of the Hindu/Greek gods/ fallen angels. That once traveled to the heavens in the Cherub spacecraft and larger spacecraft with radiation rings. They are the “Blue Bloods” who did not get to eat the food that changes the body, so they die just like us.

The four Beasts of Daniel 7, have 7 heads: the Lion-England, who no longer looks to America for protection (No eagles wings). It stands up on its own with courage. The Bear- Russia, who will be satisfied retaking Eastern Europe. Then is asked to be in charge. 

The Leopard- is a total of four countries –France,- Spain , –Germany and –Italy. Which receives the deadly wound in WW III, when the Muslims attack Rome. The four join for protection and commerce (4 wings of a fowl). There will be no more European Union with 28 nations like today.

Many of these 6 countries call themselves Christian nations. Not for Jesus, but because their Kings and Queens are descendants of the King, Christian IV of Denmark 1596. It is amazing how many European monarchs came from him and how the families are still in power.

The fourth Beast and 7th head- is religious India. The religion is Hindu and India will have ten leaders. Later the new U.N. will have a new Hindu spokesperson ( little horn ). When Apollo comes out of the abyss, seven of the leaders and three with the little horn, will join him. They become ten kings for a little while. 

Those 7 countries will have veto power in the new U.N. over the other 200+countries. They are the 7 heads of the beast, cousins and Blue Bloods. Revelation 13 puts them all together as one beast, that Satan gives his authority to. The name of the 1st beast might be the “New Europe Russia Organization” N.E.R.O. or “New Europe Russia India Organization” N.E.R.I.O. the name of a Roman goddess of war, which tribute was given to. Her name in Hindu is Kali, the Black goddess of war. She is married to Shiva/Satan.

All nations will be subject to its laws, many against Christians who claim “Jesus is the only way to the Father, God”. America will not be welcomed to participate in its leadership. Due to its many loses of troops throughout the world, it will become a more isolated super power. To participate in commerce it will be under the new U.N. laws.

Revelation 17 is about eight kingdoms that ruled or will rule over Jerusalem the Harlot. Five have fallen: Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, Rome and Moslems. One is, that is our current Jerusalem by Israel. The seventh is the coming Annexed Jerusalem for several years. The eighth is going to be Apollo from the abyss, with the mythical gods and controlling India’s 200 + million man army.

Why Hindu’s ? The Greek so called gods/angels are really men and women, deemed good from the four clans, God planted them in Eden, around the garden in Turkey. God gave them extra information like alchemy and how to use vibration. To help the rest of the folks become good, but they exalted themselves.

They overthrew their parents and elders. They married each other and then regular mankind. The Hindus still worship these demigods, and through misinterpretations, have made up 330 million more. They lost their powers and authority because of their disobedience.

They fled east to escape God’s wrath. Indra/Zeus ” king of the gods ” led them to the land now called India. Vishnu revitalized their authority over the people with gifts and lies. When the earth expanded the land pushed upward and became the Himalayas. A crevice Abyss formed, that is where all the mythical gods got locked up and disappeared to.

Also they follow Shiva ” Destroyer/the Lord of Death ” and that is Satan. Some call him the “god of Light”. India’s Hindu religion, has the god’s names almost correct. Their stories have been jumbled. Also the original language of earth was the same as the north American Natives, incorrectly called Indians, in the north west.

The Greeks named the gods after their own language of 730 B.C. after taking their alphabet from the Hebrews. Then they made statues of the gods to look like themselves in 400 B.C.. However the so-called god’s skin colors are really red, black, brown and yellow and look like those cultures. Hopefully now you see I am putting it all together.

The unpardonable sin is not blaspheming God or Jesus, but the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has the power of God to cause vibrations and for healing and life. Satan will commit that sin, by claiming his witnessing Spirit is false. He and his angels/ men/messengers /Illuminati will give their authority to the new U.N. after the war.

The angels illuminate when exiting through the hull of the spacecraft and its radiation. After a while they look normal. Today’s Elite who follow Satan’s Illuminati are referred to as the Illuminati. They meet to control the Political, Economic, Educational and Religious systems of this world. They are the scribes of the 4 hidden Dynasties. It is true.

Satan wants his main man to be seen as the Messiah predicted in the old testament. Satan can not be the governor/anti-Christ, because he is not an Israelite or beige/pink and is tall. Nobody would believe him. An anti-Christ is a saving Jew who denies the Father and the Son. Although he may not be living in Israel now. The term anti-Christ is Not used in Revelation, false prophet is. He will not be a Muslim or from a Revised Roman Empire or European Union.

The bible says the scepter will not depart from Judah. The appointed governor working for the new U.N. will be Jewish from the tribe of Judah. I believe his name will have something to do with Immanuel or Emanuel. Jesus was to be called Immanuel and the angel named him Jesus. The man is also spoken of in 2nd Thessalonians chap.2

The governor who is seen as a savior, also claims to free the Jews from the law. Satan’s followers will rally around the governor. The religious overseer will give credit to him by using twisted biblical teachings. The overseer will be seen as Elijah, but Jesus said that “Elijah has already come”. Jewish people that do not believe in Jesus as the Christ or his teachings, are waiting for Elijah and will be deceived. Together those two are The False Prophet for the 1st Beast.

Revelation 10 Satan comes to visit earth after WW III and reads the book ( little scroll ) of the man child. He learns the prophecy about himself. He says to God lets finish this. The church of Jesus starts to believe the man child. The governor and overseer will point out signs in the heavens. They will be able to call fire down from heaven, many will see it as a miracle, but we know it is from one of Satan’s spacecraft. This will cause a great falling away of 1/3 Messianic Jewish leaders and Christian leaders, also mainly unlearned ones. That is the 1st Trumpet   

(In Revelation 8 it starts with the 7th Seal. Rev- 7 should end with the 7th Seal and Rev- 8 should begin with the Trumpets. Otherwise you think they are consecutive and it would be the 8th seal, rather then a separate new vision. This is because some bibles use paragraphs.)

Revelation 12 Then Satan will attack with his followers against 1/3 of God’s angels. There will be many beheadings during the fight. Those who died are referred to as the souls under the alter. The 5th Seal. Many spaceships, 1/3 will be destroyed and fall to earth. That is the 2nd Trumpet. The new U.N. leader from India (little horn) will use this to claim we came from gods of other planets. Many people will stop following their religions and believing in a god.

Then Satan will go after the male child/the “victor” of Jesus’ church, who now believes the man child. The one who overcomes the seven church spirits by having an ear to hear. He shared the truth to the churches for free. Also saying to the Israelite priests who have become a mountain, share the word of God with all people.

Satan is jealous of him, because he will receive the “rod of iron ” from Jesus. Satan/Shiva will lie, claiming to Jesus’ Church, her child is the “man of sin” and anti-Christ. He will say, ” is the man that made the earth tremble….he claims to be taken up to heaven “. The Church will not swallow that lie, but the Jews will.

They misunderstand Isaiah 14: 11-13 who is referring to the King of Babylon. Lucifer is a Latin word, it was not spoken of by Isaiah. The scepter will be taken away from Satan and be given to him by Jesus, to be in charge of God’s angelic army. He is the rider on the “White Horse”  in revelation 6 and 19. The 1st Seal. Horses are only real in the vision and colors are for motives.

Revelation 12 Then a war will break out in heaven, Michael and his angels will fight against Satan and his angels/Illuminati, who are not strong enough. Their spacecrafts will be cast to earth, totally upsetting Satan. He is the Fallen Star. That is the 3rd Trumpet

Due to all the UFO activity many will fall away from believing in God and follow the so-called aliens. Who are just men and women from a smaller earth. Political leaders will be bitter. Satan then is the rider on the “Pale horse” death, in revelation 6 the 4th Seal. He will then try and go after Jesus’ church. Hades/Yama will soon follow.

More of the book of Daniel’s prophecies, explained to help you.

In Daniel 7 under the rule of the 1st year of Belshaz′zar king of Babylon, he has a dream and it is fully explained by the messenger/angel. Daniel did not know the time frame of the events and decided to keep the matter to himself.

In Daniel 8 under the 3rd year of Belshaz′zar king of Babylon he has another separate dream. The 2 horned-ram is Darius and Cyrus. The one-horned he goat, is Alexander the Great. Although the angel explains it, Daniel does not understand the daily sacrifice that is mentioned 3 times.

From Daniel chapters 8-12 they are about the Media-Persian, Greek and Egyptian kings and the continued explanation of the daily sacrifice. It is so accurate, some do not believe Daniel could have wrote it. I do.

Daniel 9 starts with Daniel in the time of the ruler Darius, because the Media-Persian Empire just defeated Babylon. So he repents for his sins and the sins of his people. In Daniel 9:20-27 is referring to Antiochus the 3rd. Then the Antiochus the 3rd’s other son Antiochus the 4th Epiphanes from the Seleucid Greek kingdom to the north east.

Summary : Babylon took the Jews into captivity for 70 years, but while there, they built houses and planted vineyards. The Media-Persian empire let them return home after defeating the Babylonians. Alexander the Great conquered the Media-Persian empire. Then afterward Jerusalem, but let them live and keep their religion. He just heavily taxed them.

The false prophet will tell you Jesus is not the anointed one/Messiah written in Daniel 9. He is CORRECT, it was Antiochus the 3rd. (70 weeks means 70 weeks. If it meant 70 x 7 years, 490 years, then Messiah would have to live 62 x 7 years or 434 years.) He came to ease the tax, the Greeks had earlier imposed in Israel and brought over 2000 Jews from Babylon to Lydia/Sardis in Antiochus. That is where the seven churches of Revelation are, they were not Greek, but Jewish.

Note: The people of the Prince-Messiah….attack Jerusalem and defile the Temple. Jesus is Jewish and the Jews did not attack Jerusalem and defile the Temple.

Daniel 10 is in the 3rd year of Cyrus-the Persian. He and Darius reigned together, but Darius was left in charge over Babylon. Daniel still does not understand the daily sacrifice, how it is stopped and what the outcome will be. He mourns for 3 weeks and then a Beryl/blue glowing angel appears to him by the river. The angel was delayed fighting with a king of Persia ( the next  in line to become the overall King) and only Michael the angel came to help. There would be 4 kings of Persia while some of the Jews were still in Babylon, after their 70 years of captivity.

Daniel 11 it is still in the time of Darius-the Mede in Babylon. The future vision is about…. when the kingdom of Greece breaks into 4 parts. The rich in Jerusalem followed and aligned with king Ptolemy of Egypt in the south. He controlled the daily operations of Jerusalem. Antiochus the 3rd in the north, tried to make peace with Ptolemy, but it did not last. Then he fought against Ptolemy and lost. He returned home to fight the Romans in the Hellenistic war and was later killed in a temple of Ba’al.

His son Seleucus IV Philopator sent Heliodorus to Jerusalem. He raises the taxes back up over the people, that his father had lowered. Heliodorus kills Seleucus. Antiochus the 4th kills Heliodorus and has Seleucus’ son Antiochus murdered. Antiochus the 4th took the name Epiphanes. Antiochus E the 4th came into Jerusalem with flatteries and made a peace treaty with Ptolemy. Some of the rich in Jerusalem switched allegiance to him instead, in order to protect their lives.

In Daniel 11 the King of the north is the Antiochus kingdom and the King of the south is Ptolemy of Egypt (there were 5 rulers named Ptolemy in a row ). Ptolemy was actually a Greek from, one of the 4 divisions that the Greek Empire was divided into, after the death of Alexander. There were also several people named Darius. It was common in those times to honor someone, by taking their name. The popes in the Roman Catholic religion still do this today.

Antiochus E the 4th then wanted to attack the new Ptolemy for his money to unite the Greek empire. The ships of Kittim/Rome to his north said No and if you do….. you can not fight both of us and win. Then Antiochus E the 4th returned home, then had a great idea. He was not going to fight the both of them, but decided to attack Jerusalem for all of it’s money. That is why today…we say someone had an “Epiphany“.

In 167 B.C. Antiochus E the 4th, of the Seleucid kingdom, attacked Jerusalem. Also he defiled the sanctuary exactly as Gabriel explained to Daniel. He stopped the daily sacrifice by killing a pig in the temple and set up a statue of Zeus. His armies also started to fight other nations near him, including Egypt for it’s money. 1290 days later he left Jerusalem to get more supplies and help near Babylon, because the Maccabees, a Jewish sect revolted against him.

Note: 3 1/2 years by today’s calendar is 1277 days. The Hebrews of Daniel’s time used a slightly different calendar.

He and some of his army had to pass through the land, that is now called Jordan. He did not fight with anyone on the way through there. This is why it was said “Edom, Moab, and the prominent people of Ammon would be spared”. Antiochus E the 4th died 45 days later in 164 B.C., because he caught a disease. Also the Parthians from the east, who he had been fighting, were chasing him back towards Jerusalem. That is a total of 1335 days. Then the Jews cleansed the temple making it Holy. Hanukkah is the celebration of it.

There were 3 kingdoms in what we now call Iran, next to Babylon ( Iraq ). Persia in the south west, Medes in the north west and Parthians in the north east. When the Media- Persian empire was defeated by the Greeks, the Parthians became dominant in Iran. The boarders of Iran and Iraq were not made till the 1900’s A.D..

Daniel 12 Says it would be a time of great tribulation for the Jews. Antiochus E the 4th had been slaughtering them. It is in those times that Michael the angel, defended the Jewish rebels/Maccabees. The rich should have been on the Maccabees’ side. This is why it is said, “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt “.

Even today’s “Jehovah’s Witnesses” misunderstood this. They started a whole religion claiming Jesus and Michael the angel, are the same person. Also claiming that this event, is still to happen in the book of revelation and they are the 144,000.

Awake from the dust is a metaphor, like Ezekiel 37:1-14. His dream prediction, while he was held in captivity in Babylon, of “dry bones” coming to life. Like when the Jews would finally come out of Babylon learning their lesson, to listen and follow God, instead of gods of other nations. That is why they went into captivity in the first place.

They are not some future prediction for the 20th or 21st century. It is not some of the Jews returning and reclaiming the partial State of Israel in 1948. Both already happened. So did everything in Ezekiel and the rest of the books of the Old Testament prophets. Daniel 7 All those nations are on earth now. The new U.N. still has to form. Then the one like the Son of Man-is the man child. He is taken to Ancient of Days-that is Jesus, the Most High-is God.

Daniel 12 He is amazed at all this future teaching and wants to know more. The angel tells him to stop writing and to seal up the book. Then at the end of Daniel’s life “time of the end”, he is to reveal it, to the others with him in Babylon. Then the angel explains the time frame, of the end of the daily sacrifice once more.

Why ??? Like I just mentioned, the Media-Persian Empire just defeated the Babylonians and Darius (the Mede) was left in charge. The angel/messenger does not want Daniel to tell Darius, that one day the King of Greece is coming to defeat their empire.

All this was not only a future prediction in Daniel’s time. It is also a fact of coming true and can be verified in history. I hope this helps.

Still some religious leaders claim we are are living in Daniel’s “time of the end”. They say the increased knowledge is computers and phones. That people running to and fro, is folks in cars and airplanes ???

Jesus is the Messiah, God’s son, that would defeat death and the rule of Satan, Genesis 3:15. However, because he is not Daniel’s Messiah many unlearned Christians and Jews will look for another Messiah, the governor. Satan is very tall and handsome, many will honor and see him as wise, looking to him and the new U.N. for guidance.

The true meaning of “666”.

Hello… The Mark of the Beast is not a tattoo or computer chip to buy a sandwich. God will not be mad at you for buying or selling a candy bar. If it had to do with computer device it would be a smart cell phone, you put in your hand and hold to your head, but it is not.

The Mark is Protection by the new U.N in the form of a worldwide Church Tax, just like Nero collected. Offering protection for all religions to preach in safety, in their Boxes and collect money. World War Three (WW III) will be a religious war. Today Religions try to think outside the box, to bring people inside. Maybe they should get out of the box and help people to repent and come to Jesus for forgiveness. So they can go to the Father and have Eternal Life too.

Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples and their followers will get a tax I.D.. No more 501c3 tax exempt in America. Do not Buy or Sell the words of God. Do not charge folks for church. It will be taxed and you will be supporting laws against Christians. God will punish you for it. It will support the religious peace keeping troops around the world. Religious peace is not peace. Help others with the truth.

You can not serve God and mammon….profit from selling God’s word or by twisting it. Jesus said “Freely you have received, freely give.”

The governor gives life to the new U.N., because it just defeated the radical Muslim armies and saved Israel. He will have the people of the world set up flags for it. Even outside their Boxes/Churches to let others know they are protected. Affirming the new U.N.’s laws and claim its ways are just. I believe on the flag will be an image similar to one on a dollar bill, with Caesar crests leaves and maybe a rainbow.

God wanted the people before the flood to repent. Not save themselves by building stone hills called Pyramids.


Satan/Shiva is painted with a third eye, because he is a Watcher over the people. He still has that ability and accuses us of our sins before God. The Egyptian Pyramid on the flag symbolizes man’s own ability to survive, like the flood. The rainbow is now used as a symbol of PRIDE. When set up in Jerusalem it will be seen by some as the abomination. A statue of Zeus/Indra at the temple by Apollo is.

The governor and religious overseer will offer the 1st beast’s protection to those who pledge allegiance to the New U.N., its flag and what laws it stands for. Remember God Marked Cain with His seal of Protection. If anyone harmed him they would pay seven times.

666 is the tribute of gold talents that Solomon received each year for his wisdom. The Mark of the beast, number of its name is 666. The 666 number translates to a Caesar named Nero, in the time of John the writer of Revelation.

The governor will come up with the idea of a world church tax. A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny. If you bring forth the bread of life-Jesus or a word of a god, you will get taxed the same percent. Wheat was mostly used to make bread for people. Barley was mostly used to feed livestock.

Churches/Boxes of all religions that receive money will have to resister and get a tax I.D. and their followers too.

The bible says in Revelation 12, “I saw a great sign in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, under her feet the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars”. The sun is Jesus, the moon is Satan and the stars are the apostles. They preach the gospel and proclaim “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God”.

When Peter said this to him, Jesus said ” flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven”. That is the foundation of Jesus’ church. I hope it is revealed to you too and you build upon it. The woman is Jesus’ church, the body of Christ. Oil/anointed to save, it is not the nation of Israel.

Her offspring, mostly being taught by bad Grapes are the Wine. Those trapped in Boxes who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, because of the testimony of the word from the oil. Satan will get the new U.N. to go after Jesus’ church and her offspring. With fines and jail time for those who talk about Jesus in public. Some of the deemed “very disorderly” will be killed. 

The new U.N. World Order will collect it like the Caesars did to fund their religious peace keeping troops. The goal is to create religious peace through enforcement throughout the world. They will promote many paths to god. There will be a new form of Christianity where Jesus is no longer the focal point, but the Governor is. Jesus’ church will be protected by God for 3 1/2 years, primarily in America. They want to show, you do not need the King of Peace/God our Father. 

American Christian and Messianic Jewish leaders should send a bill to Congress now. Stating people in America have the right to proclaim Jesus as the Christ/Messiah, the son of the living God. That no foreign or world government can harm or imprison them for it or take those rights away.

The 2nd beast is the governor and religious overseer and will be misleading folks to follow the 1st beast. I mentioned the name of the 1st beast might be ” the New Europe Russia Organization” N.E.R.O. or ” New Europe Russia India Organization” N.E.R.I.O. the name of an ancient Roman goddess of war, which tribute was given to.

All nations will be subject to its laws, because of the 7’s veto power. America will not be welcomed to participate in its leadership. I know I repeat myself 🙂 and smile “God loves you“.

There is now a wonderful opportunity to own this entire Website in 138 page, large Book form. On Sale Now. I do receive a few pennies for each book, but I am not offering them to make money. You can purchase it online at Amazon and other places. Available in many countries too. The price of the book is due to its many colored pictures. You might prefer one for its convenience. You may want to carry it with you and share it with others. A picture can give as much insight as a 1000 words. Here is a link    I have also sent out 1000s of dollars in books, with my own money, to others for free. I will continue to do so.

People of all Churches/Temples/Synagogues/Mosques who want to remain and be protected to preach will all have to pay. Bad Christian religious leaders will be able to continue twisting God’s words and selling their wares, becoming synagogues of Satan. Their members who are learning the lies, will continue to buy it. In the beginning and at the end of Jesus’ ministry, he kicked out those who bought and sold in the temple. He said woe to the religious leaders and they wanted him killed. They got the Romans to do it.

The famine in the end times is not for food, it is for hearing the word of God. The mark is a tax I.D. for the religious buyer and seller, not for regular people in the form of a tattoo or computer chip.

People will still be able to buy and sell food, God will not be mad at us for that. There will not be a one world religion. The world economy is already on a trade, labor and credit system run by the blue bloods. Jesus’ church does not charge for God’s word or preaching. They go to the people, to free them from religion. Letting people know the love of God, His grace and preach Jesus’ gospel. Helping them get eternal life. Not seeking the new U.N.’s protection, but speaking out against it. Warning others even till death.

Summary : 1st beast is the 7 countries, England – France – Spain – Germany -Italy -Russia – India, controlling the “New U.N.”. They have veto power after WW III to fight Muslim Jihad aggression. The Deadly wound was the attack of Rome, in Italy by Muslims, it is not an injured person. The 2nd beast is the two people controlling Jerusalem, a Jewish governor and religious overseer.

Worship is pledging allegiance to the 1st beast. The image is the 1st beast’s flag, the voice is the new laws it represents. There will be laws against Christians. The forehead refers to your thoughts, honoring the new laws. Your right hand refers to works, carrying out those new laws. We should have God’s laws on our minds and carry them out. To the Jews… this does not mean putting little boxes on your head and leather bands on your wrist. “Hear the Word of God and Do It.”    

The “little horn” leader of the new U.N. will have the governor change the times and law for the Jews. Jerusalem will become a place for many religions, promoting many paths to a god and peace. Also a different form of Christianity, with a new Jewish Messiah.

Do Not charge for preaching “Jesus loves you” and do not buy it. The money will be taxed and that is the “666” mark, offering protection by the new U.N. for your church. Satan was a priest in Eden and charged for the words of God in the sanctuaries. Sound familiar ?

During the time of their “protection”..the Holy Spirit will be poured out on us to be an even greater witness. Worshiping at home and bible study with family and friends, like the early churches, is a great idea. If two or three gather in Jesus’ name, he will be there.

God says do not worship the 1st beast, its image or receive its mark. When the fire comes and the earth expands, you will be left on earth. You will be punished physically with sores from the heat and then large hail will rain down. Many cities and governments will fall.

Then if you die, you will end up in hell for a 1000 years. If you do not die and survive the expansion, the aftermath will seem like hell on earth. If you get the word out, you will have great rewards from Jesus at the Wedding Feast.

After the 3 1/2 years of peace, the governor will accept the praises of all mankind who worship him. He was appointed by the new U.N. to Jerusalem and not a Levite Priest. He will stand in the 3rd temple where he should not be and claim to be above God. Prior to that Two Witnesses will be sent by God to prophesy. Their prophecy will overlap part of that time for 3 1/2 years, to get people to repent and come to Jesus for forgiveness.

Then God will no longer hold back the evil confronting this world, all “chaos” breaks lose on earth. This is because most people on earth do not want to listen to God’s law. They would rather hate and rule over each other, instead of helping. We are being lied to in almost every aspect of our lives. Truth is the light and the lies are the darkness.

The pressure inside the earth will increase. This will start global earthquakes, volcano eruptions and large waves in the larger bodies of water. Many religious leaders and followers will leave their faiths. The Earth will start to spin faster, the days and nights will be shorter. Heat will be released higher into the atmosphere. The 4th Trumpet.

Michael the archangel will open the abyss. Releasing Hades/Yama the leader of the abyss and the fallen/mythical gods. Who were Kings and Priest to the first generation and give their authority to Apollo. The smoke and ash will rise, the sun will not give its light and the air will be darkened. The moon too.. The 5th Trumpet. Jesus said when you see this “fig tree” his time/his return is near. Vishnu will be there knowing how to use alchemy and vibration. God gave him this wisdom to help us, before Vishnu turned bad. 

Example – The over 8000 clay statues found at the base of a pyramid in China, were to be made alive by them at the time of the great flood. Do not listen or be afraid, they are not gods, but mortal men and women. If you injure an angel it will recover because its body has longevity. If you cut its head off it dies. That is why there will be many beheadings. To kill Christians and good Angels who are faithful to Jesus.

Apollo will set up a statue of Zeus/Indra in Jerusalem. They instill fear, confusion, deception, about the world ending, but only for 5 months. That is when the Jews in Judaea/Israel should flee, great tribulation will come upon this world. The male mythical gods have long hair like women and think they are beautiful, it is silly, but true.

Some planets around the earth may expand or explode at this time. People will be afraid and will constantly think its the end of the world. These are just birth pains and more tribulations are to come. We can help calm others by sharing the truth.

Then the four angels will no longer hold back the remaining crowned 10 Hindu leaders at the Euphrates. The “little horn” would have already taken charge of three of them. Apollo, son of Zeus, is the 8th king and will lead their 200+ million man religious armies and start to kill 1/3 of mankind. Many Christians, Jews and remaining Muslims will be slaughtered in the Middle-East and out in other directions. The 6th Trumpet.

Soon after Jesus will arrive on Mount Sion/Hermon, not Mount Zion or Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. He will raise 144,000 Israelites first into his spacecraft. They will follow him wherever he goes around the earth, preaching a message of repentance and salvation. They are the first fruits. 

There will be much famine and pestilence. Blessed are those who keep God’s commandments and faith in Jesus. Those that die from then on, they will find rest and their works shall follow them. The Two Witnesses will be killed by Apollo. He will also try to fight against Jesus and those with him, but they will overcome.

After is when it will be said “fallen, fallen is Babylon the great”. Revelation 14:8 ” Alas, alas the Great City “. The Hindu army will burn the Harlot Jerusalem. Merchants that were rebuilding her will mourn for being out of business. Revelation 18:2. That is why there will be a new Jerusalem, with a new name, built on earth when God our Father comes.

Then all those who survived Satan’s great tribulation in the body of Christ, who did God’s will and Jesus’ work on earth…. These are not just the good Pastors, Preachers and Priest. They are all who answered God’s call, “the Wheat” bringing forth the bread of life. Telling at least one person the good news, warning them and helping people repent. The good will be harvested up by the angels for safety in the newer larger spacecraft. They will meet Jesus and the 144,000 in the air, that is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

This is why it is such a great reward for teaching God’s love to people. That He gave His son Jesus to us and warned others. That anyone who believes in him will not perish, but have everlasting life.

Then the angles will harvest the Vine of the earth, the Grapes and throw them into the winepress of God. They are the Tears, the bad Pastors, Preachers, Priest and others who teach lies, sown by Satan.

Satan will start gathering a great army from the 7 nations of the 1st beast with his fallen angels. Along  with the 2nd beast in the valley of Megiddo/ Armageddon in the middle of modern Israel.

Now God’s wrath will begin on those who follow Satan. Also those who received the mark or worship the 1st beast or its image will be punished. The earth will begin to crack open causing massive waves, earthquakes and volcanoes. The heat will rise and the atmosphere becomes thinner. The sun’s rays will scorch with heat and sores will breakout on people. At this time the meteors will not burn up.

The oceans will boil and volcano lava will stream. Some people will blaspheme God for this. Instead of repenting of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts or their idols.

Jesus is not the rider on the “White horse” in Rev. 19. He is not going to kill people like religious leaders claim. Jesus was punched, beaten, whipped and crucified for us. He asked God to forgive them. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He rules with love and mercy.


Megiddo is between Mt. Sion and Mt. Zion. The battle is not against Jesus or Israel or Jerusalem. It is to defeat the “victor/conqueror”. He is a repented sinner, the one who got the prizes from Jesus. They are listed after each of the seven churches in Revelation. He gets the “morning star” for having an ear to ear and helping the churches.

Jesus will then send the victor, the rider on the “White horse” who now works for God, being in charge of His angelic army. They will defeat the great army. He has the “rod of iron ” and God is letting him wear His “robe“. (These are just symbols). The one God wore in the day of battle against the Assyrians, when they attacked Jerusalem. This is the Supper of God and the “victor” treads the winepress.

The fallen angels who came out of the abyss and the new U.N. with the ten leaders of the 7th head. Along with the governor and religious overseer of the 2nd beast, who falsely prophesied, will all go into the Lake of Fire. The rest will live and he will warn them again of the coming horror. Then he will return to Jesus and join Wedding Feast.

The 7th Trumpet , 7th Vial and 6th Seal. There will be great hail storms and fire. Then Earth will Expand for its 2nd time to reach a state of equilibrium. So we can live on it a long time. The crust is thicker now and will snap, you do not want to be on it. Some mountains will sink and ocean floors will lift. It will be the greatest earthquakes ever. Magma will fill in the spaces. Billions of people might die, many nations and cities will fall.

The 7th Seal. God will use that time to get the wicked to see their wrong ways and repent, also see the love of truth. Some will be angry at God and pick Satan. Some will be looking for a savior and pick Jesus the Christ. There will be silence in heaven over this great tragedy. Know this… God is Not evil ! He told us 1000s of years ago this would happen.

Man is given free will and some choose to make bad choices effecting themselves and all of us. Your life is not predestined or planned. The jobs you pick, the places you go, the things you say, the things you do, the people you date or marry, the things you buy are all your choices.

There is a predestined call to all that are saved, to help someone else get saved. God has put a time limit, on when those who choose to be bad, will rule this earth. Salvation is offered to all.

Sometime after the expansion, when the dust settles, there will no longer be any evil influences and confusion from Satan. He will be bound for 1000 years in the abyss by Michael. Why ? Back when he repented for the garden incident, he did not go there with the other fallen angels. This will be his punishment, being left all alone in the dark, tormented by his thoughts.

Then is the first resurrection to be in the kingdom of heaven. Rev- 20 “And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshiped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years”.

Those folks and them that remained alive, who repented and did Christ’s work during God’s wrath, will meet those already in the air at the Feast. Jesus will reward his church. Then those in heaven in the spacecraft will have their bodies changed to improved bodies. Meaning the bodies will decay differently and have longevity. The second death will have no power over their soul. They will return and be the ones to bring forth God’s word for a 1000 years on earth. Some will be given Kingdoms and Priesthoods to help the rest of the people.

The other six heads of the 1st beast, later called Gog and Magog, who survive will lose their kingdoms. This is not the Gog, the land of Magog, the Chief/Rosh prince of Meshech and Tubal, spoken of in Ezekiel 38-39. That war already happened about 2450 years ago. It was after the Jews came back to the land of Israel, from captivity in Babylon. They were living in unwalled cities. They were still rebuilding Jerusalem and God called those nations now in modern Turkey and Syria to come against Jerusalem. God then stood on the Mt. of Olives and defeated that army, like He did in the “day of battle”. Zechariah 14. It was about 100 + years later then the Greeks would come against Jerusalem.

Jesus rules with love and mercy and he will travel throughout the world, visiting folks to comfort and teach them. The victor will rule the nations that survive with an “iron rod”. A rod is to correct the bad sheep from going the wrong way. So they can come to Jesus if they choose, so that they might be saved. Also to protect the good sheep.

During the 1000 years those who are still in the regular flesh, will have to deal with the challenges of life, sickness and death. They will still have babies and their political, educational and monetary systems will continue. Those changed will be sent all over the earth.

All the rest of those that believed in Jesus, but did no works or had them negated by money or continued in unrepentant sin… will have to wait till the second resurrection and judgment. The purpose of the kingdom is to bring God’s word to all the nations. Telling them the truth, helping them to repentance. This age is temporary and one is still to come and they too can have eternal life.

Remember Jesus came to set us free from the bondage of all religions and it’s leaders. God’s will is all mankind come to repentance. He wants many children and He is asking us to get the word out.

At the end of the 1000 years Satan will be released out of the abyss. He will gather lots of bitter people from the nations, “Gog and Magog” for the final battle of good and evil. It is against Jesus’ church trying to get people to repent before the “Great White Throne” judgment. Then Satan and his minions will be defeated once more, but this time by God our Father with fire from heaven. Then Satan will go into the Lake of Fire.

The sea/gentiles, death and hell will give up the dead, to be judged good and bad by God. Some get rewards, others punishment based on their works. All will be able to hear the good news of the gospel. They can choose to repent and receive salvation, by accepting God’s gift, Jesus as their Brother. Knowing the Father and the Son is eternal life.

Those who still won’t repent of their wrong ways and want to continue doing evil, will be throw into the Lake of Fire and be no more. That is the 2nd death and their Spirit Being is destroyed. The repented will be taken off the earth.

Then there will be the 3rd new heaven and 3rd earth. Meaning the earth will heat up again and be cleansed with fire. Pressure will build up and the ocean floors will almost fully lift. Most of the ocean waters will evaporate into our atmosphere making it thick again. You will be able to walk around the earth once more. The warm soil and thicker atmosphere will create a green house effect, causing lots of vegetation. There will be lakes, seas and no more storms.

The next age will start, where God will be with us on earth again. There will be a new Jerusalem built without a temple and a new Kingdom system. There will be no more need for the “sun” and “moon“. Jesus will no longer rule the day/good folks. The victor will no longer rule the night/bad folks with a ” rod of iron “. God’s light will shine. He and Jesus will guide us with truth.

There will be no more unsaved nations/peoples/seas. Some will be able to enter the city and eat from the Tree of Life. They are the teachings flowing to Holy Spirit given to the twelve apostles. The victor will be a pillar in the community. Others will remain outside until they are purified. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Inside there will be a feast/party every month to bring joy, easing the pain of losing people, who would not repent of doing evil. Some people will be able to visit with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit if they choose to. We will be Kings and Priest to help those outside and the next generation.

God told the end from the beginning. It is the same story over again.

So do not listen and follow the 1st beast, the governor/anti-Christ, the religious overseer, Satan or Illuminati, they do not love you. God loves you, lets continue to love each other. Jesus’ God and Father, is our God and Father. Jesus and Holy Spirit are our big brothers and they love us. So join in the family business and receive a great reward.

Today we still can enjoy the blessings of the Israelite law, but not be under God’s curse of death when not following it. We keep our salvation if we repent and accept Jesus. We are under God’s grace. Is stealing and murder still wrong? Yes. Will eating scavengers still make you sick ? Yes. Is it OK to wash your dishes and hands ? Yes.

I am a sinner and do not always listen to the guidance of God. It has caused me to have problems in my life and others. I would not make it by my works on judgment day. I am sorry for my actions and need a savior to mend the relationship between God and me. That is Jesus who has the “morning star”. I hope you accept and wait for him too.

If you do not want to be with God that is your choice and you can live away from the new Jerusalem. Also you will have the opportunity to live on other planets and become little gods. You will be given power and information. God did not make the universe to be void out there. It is still forming and it is meant to be populated. Do not let Satan and his minions take those choices and eternal life away from you.

Jesus was born an ordinary person like us, with no special powers. The fact he lived a sinless life, keeping the whole law is Extraordinary. God sent him for this purpose. Jesus now has earned the right for us to eat from the Tree of Life and sits at God his Father’s right hand.

-The goal of the Blue Bloods and the 1st and 2nd Beast –

They want to make you think the earth did not expand or will not expand again. Saying “Global Warming” is man made. That they can provide peace on earth without God. That believing in and following Jesus is just another religion. Wanting you to doubt Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God and the only way to the Father.

They do Not want you to repent, come to Jesus or be forgiven and get eternal life. Satan has promised them if they can accomplish it, that they would rule this world forever. Satan has lied to them too.

They want you to think the U.N. is the 1st beast of Revelation and WW III is the release of the four 4 angels. That Muslims are the ten kings at the Euphrates and Rome is the harlot. They want to show you the governor is the real Messiah everybody is waiting for and he has been with us for years. Do not be fooled. Watch out for Apollo/ Brahma, who is now “king of the gods”. This is when the Great tribulation begins. Starting with fear, slaughter and then The Earth Expands. After the dust settles, Jesus returns to rule for 1000 years. If you help people now get saved, you could be there with him too.

What some people believe.

The Buddhist – worship men called Buddha on a lotus or in bells. They are the fallen angels in cramped space pods, who left the Mothership and came back to earth. Notice the “Tree of Knowledge”, also the Vishnu likeness. The lotus flower is for the flames under the bell space pod. The Buddhist pray repetitive on beads.

images (12)images (11)
They enlightened them by sharing some of their secret wisdom. Including philosophy like harmony and a balance of good and evil. Rather then being good. Some men have called themselves Buddha. They have many oral teachings and traditions, also practicing Buddhism which is yoga meditation. They wait for a fifth Buddha.

In bell space pods leaving the Mothership, folks had to lay sideways to work the controls. The bell space pod was so small and the trips were long. There was nothing to do, but sit up, cross your legs and try to relax. They would Om to drown out the engine noise. Today some folks think you must get into that position to relax and Om to meditate ???.


The Hindus – Hinduism in India was taken over by Buddhism for 700 years and came back about 1000 years ago. Hindus do not have a god, but three ( triune ) who make up god. Brahma = Generator, Vishnu = Operator and Shiva = Destroyer. Notice the G. O. D.. They have many other gods too, the rest of Eden’s fallen. Then 330 million more that came through misinterpretation by New Agers.

Like Buddhism they practice yoga. They also pray repetitive on beads. The beads are said to represent the tears shed by Shiva… Interesting. On the left is Brahma, then Vishnu and on the right is Shiva. The other picture shows people of all sizes and the Giants. Also the glow around the head, of the one with his legs crossed. He is Vishnu on a pink lotus coming down from the sky

.images (13)images (15)_edited

They have many books with conflicting stories. One in the Vedas is… The Devas gods were cursed by a powerful Sage and lost their strength over the people. They moved and traveled through a land where a group called the Asura were going to fight and kill them.

They needed their help to bring a mountain to the sea. So they made a deal with the Asura to give them strength and power. When they all got there Vishnu became a turtle to hold the mountain on the sea. The mountain was wrapped with the tail of a snake and stirred the water.

Then the waters would bring forth ambrosia milk (beige/pink), drinking this would give them back their strength. Before it did the waters released poison and Shiva drank the poison. Another female god grabbed his neck to stop the poison and his throat turned Blue. Then the Devas (really fallen gods) got their strength and authority back and fought against the Asuras.

The truth – is the fallen Kings and Priest of Eden/Greek gods did lose there authority and power on “Mars Hill”. It is in west Eden/Greece because God cursed their behavior. So they had to move and Indra “king of the gods” led them to a land now called India. Remember this is before the earth expanded. The majority of the people on the way there were a mixed brown, like modern Arabs. They set up poles.

Then the gods had to mix up the truth from the people in India, of what happened with the beige-pink folks. They had to keep it to themselves. The bible refers to groups of people as the sea. The story in the Garden of Eden, is the tale of a snake deceiving Eve and Adam. Satan did take the blame for the garden incident, but that is all. Yet still pretends to tell the truth/light and speak for God.

Vishnu did give the people in India wisdom of how to build spacecraft and the use alchemy. They did regain worship and authority over the people as their gods. Some Arabs did fight, but then worshipped them for wisdom too. Hindus have a Caste system that people are born into, to keep the elite in power. Hindus wait for Kalki, the incarnation of Vishnu, returning on a White Horse. Interesting….

The Muslims– worship Allah, studying the quran and hadith, called Islam. They call out to Allah, which is the name of an ancient moon god idol. One of many. Abraham had his first son from an Egyptian slave. His name was Ishmael that later married an Egyptian woman. Abraham gave his blessing to his next son Isaac, from his wife Sarah. Muhammad being a descendant of Ishmael was disappointed to learn this.

He said he could not read or write. Although he misquoted the bible of Abraham’s descendants from Isaac, many times. Through misunderstood bible scriptures, false gospels like Thomas and Barnabas, Hinduism and one-upmanship, is the core of his writings.

Examples…Daniel spoke with Gabriel, Muhammad said he spoke with Gabriel. Daniel prayed 3 times a day by choice. Muhammad said he was told to pray 5 times a day. Muslims and Hindus wash before praying and remove their shoes before entering the temple. James 4:7 said rebuke Satan and he will flee. Muhammad said Satan lives in your nose and you wash him out with water. Hindus worship Shiva.

The Israelites walked around Jericho 7 times for the walls to fall down. It was to show obedience to God’s instruction and then they blew trumpets. The trumpets masked the vibration sound coming from the spacecraft up above Jericho. That is what brought the walls down. Remember it was an Angel leading Joshua in the promise land.

In Revelation 21 a new Jerusalem is a 1500 mile cube coming down from heaven. A vision meaning God’s kingdom on earth. A city made of Jesus’ church and God’s people. Nobody impure, even though they are saved, will enter it. It will never be conquered. Also Jesus was the stone rolled away, the chief cornerstone coming down from Heaven.

(It is a symbol.) Muhammad thought it was a real building hiding in outer space. That it must be cloaked black, with shiny stars. Then he said a stone from Heaven was found, saying it originally was found by Adam and Eve. That it was part of the building. The stone may have been the head of a statue, of Shiva’s wife Kali. Hindu’s black goddess of war. He thought his followers could conquer the new Jerusalem.

Have you ever seen the Kaaba in Mecca ? A big black veiled cube, with gold and silver writings. The stone of Heaven is attached to the corner. The Muslims are commanded to walk around it 7 times ??? Is it possible that he might have hated the new Jerusalem and Israel, the descendants of Isaac ? Do Muslims hate them today ?


Paul knew a man 14 years before writing to Corinth, who went to the 3rd heaven. It was John in spirit, the writer of Revelation. He saw the future of the new heaven and earth after the 1000 year reign of Jesus. Muhammad claimed to fly to the 7th heaven on a white pony. It was bigger then a donkey, with a human face, had long hair, a crown, a breast plate, wings, tail and then they returned. He did not say if he fed or watered the horse after they came back.

These next quotes are referring to past Kings and Priest. The fallen angels in the abyss and their followers (tails). Who bring fear about the world ending and the doubt of salvation. Devouring the world like locust eat the “Wheat” and grasses. It is Not a magical flying pony.

Revelation 9:1-3 “And I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth. To him was given the key to the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace. So the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the pit. Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth”.

Revelation 9:7-9 “The shape of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle. On their heads were crowns of something like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men. 8 They had hair like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. 9 And they had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots with many horses running into battle”.

That is the where Muhammad got his idea, of his flying horse Buraq. He also thought he was the rider on the “white horse” in Rev 19.

Next are pictures of Muhammad’s Magical horse Al-Burāq. (Arabic: البُراق‎ al-Burāq “lightning”) is a steed, described as a creature from the heavens which transported the prophets. The most commonly told story is how in the 7th century, Al-Buraq carried the Islamic prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back during the Isra and Mi’raj or ” Night Journey”, which is the title of one of the chapters (sura), Al-Isra, of the Quran. From Mecca to Jerusalem to the 7th Heaven.
img_1535944_43923970_0download (2)

In Revelation some of the symbols are literal only in the visions, but they will not be physical in our world. Just like the big 7 headed red Dragon, who’s tail cast 1/3 of the stars out of heaven. The horses are only real in the visions. The colors are for a persons motives, crowns are for Kings and breast plates are for Priests. Tails are followers. The wings are for the sound of an army coming to war.

In the Bible Jesus spoke out against the Israelite Pharisees. So Muhammad sees him as a great prophet and a saving rebel against Israel. They wait for the Imam Mahdi on a White Horse, who returns before Jesus. One of his conquests is Jerusalem. Then the Mahdi will gather an army for Jesus, who returns to kill an injured, one eyed, anti-Christ with a spear at Megiddo. That is one of many versions.

Then Jesus sets up the one true religion of Islam over the world. Oh….and he kills the infidels who will not convert. Again one of the 7 heads of the 1st Beast that gets a deadly wound is not a man. It is a country called Italy. Rome gets attacked by the radical Muslims in World War III.

God told the Israelites to clean their dirty dishes before and after they eat and wash their hands. God wants them to enjoy their food and share it. He does not want them to get sick or spread disease.

Muhammad said in the hadith, wipe your butt with 3 rocks and do not use your right hand or pee standing up. This makes you clean in the eyes of Allah. He also said Satan causes Muslims to have gas when they pray ???. I know… but that is what is written in Islam Religion. They also pray repetitive with beads.

I could go on with even more amazing, life changing and scientific teachings from Muhammad and his god Allah. Although hopefully by now you see there is no point. Muhammad claimed to be the last prophet of God. He said God has no son.

Fact – Shiva in Arabic is Sheba. Arabic is a mixed language because the Arabs are a mixed people. In Hebrew the difference between a B and a V is a dot in the middle of the letter. Muslims unwittingly worship Shiva the Hindu god, with the crescent moon, who is Satan. Kaaba was 1st a rectangle building filled with 360 idols and the Jinn.

The Jinn are the blue genies/geniuses in the bottles that come out of the smoke and fire. They give wisdom in order to be worshipped. If not, then they play tricks. The bottle represents the bell space pod. Muhammad took teachings from the Hindu religion already in Mecca.

Muhammad also took from false gospels written in the 3rd and 4th century that lied of Jesus’ childhood. He did Not understand biblical teachings and prophecy. Then turned it into his own religion called Islam. You might want to reread the quran and hadith, then read the Bible for truth. The New Testament is not Jesus’ life story. It is Jesus the son of God representing his Father, God and His love for all of us.

Israelites and Judaism – worship God, studying the old testament. Trying to keep its laws and many made up oral laws and traditions. They wait for a Messiah to deliver them from their enemies. They honor the Sheba/Shaba/Saba/Sabbath = 7th day. They perform Shiva = mourn for 7 days and wear ashes when someone dies. Then tear their closes on the Sheba/Sabbath. In Hindu Shiva is the lord of 7.

Catholics– ring bells, pray with beads and put ashes on their forehead for lent. The same way Shiva repents in Hindu religion. The Pope has folks kiss his ring, yet he kisses the quran???. Although many Catholic followers are trying to be Christians.

Messianic Jews and Christians – worship God, studying the entire bible and try to follow its instructions. They accept Jesus as the Israel’s Messiah/Christ. Jesus is God’s only begotten son and the only way to the Father. They wait to be with Jesus and help him free folks from religion. They make disciples, preach Jesus’ gospel and warn others of coming tribulations. They help people forgive and repent. The Ministry works of Jesus and his followers is to help reconcile people back to God and get them eternal life. This age is temporary.

Unfortunately some have fallen and turned it into Christianity Religion. We do not add man’s laws and commands to God’s word. Also our traditions make the word of God void. Trapped in Boxes, their Show must go on and the folks are buying and selling. They are not the enemy, just brothers and sisters led astray. Fortunately there is still time to repent and teach God’s word. Being nice to people or feeding people or holding doors or donating money, are just our personal works. Even the heathen and unbeliever do them.

                 JESUS !   JESUS !   JESUS !   JESUS !    JESUS !    JESUS !

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Everyone that repents and comes to Jesus for forgiveness will be saved. They will get eternal life. Not all will enter into the Kingdom. Only those born again in the body of Christ. They do God’s will and Jesus’ work. They will help Jesus during his 1000 year reign on earth after the expansion.

There is no more need for being Religious.

A world with religious peace by enforcement is not peace. A world with the light of the truth, rather then the darkness of lies, is peace.

God does Not test you, so that you can have a testimony. Your trials are caused by the Sins of others or the Sins by you. Do something positive for yourself and someone else. Help and share with others.

When Satan sinned he put ashes on himself for repentance, so did the Israelites. Then John the Baptist came. He was a full blooded Levitical priest from the daughters of Aaron. He took on the role of a prophet and put on a hairy garment, like those of old. John said repent and be baptized. Turn from your sinful ways.

Be sorry for your actions. Stop throwing ashes on yourself, sacrificing and going through the motions every time you sin. Wash the outside of your garment. Our new King was coming to wash the inside of us.

Jesus will now baptize the inside of us with Holy Spirit, when we Repent. Who brings us into remembrance of truth and convicts us of our sin. This is how we improve and change our lives, by the guidance of Holy Spirit. By the blood of Jesus our robes are now made white.

There is no more sacrificing to God to receive atonement in life. We accept His sacrifice, Jesus to us. There is no more offering things to God. We offer our lives to help Him. We become disciples and reconcile people back to God, through His son Jesus, the Christ.  There is no more Levitical priesthood, Jesus is our High Priest to God in the order of Melchizedek forever. There is no more temple or “House of God”. It was destroyed in 70 A.D. just as predicted by Jesus and the prophets. God is now willing to put His name on us.

When we elevate other people on earth, as if they are better then us… we put ourselves down and become insecure. When we become insecure….we elevate ourselves with pride and we put others down. Stay humble and realize we all have sinned.

We do not convert people to a religion and its traditions of men. We do not condemn people, this age is already condemned. People already die and a large part of the Earth will catch on Fire. It will soon Expand again. Jesus is the Only Way to Salvation.

Prayer is a private conversation between God and you. Maybe it is time to start talking. When you talk to God…do not compare your sins to others. That is what Shiva does. You and others, including me, do not always listen to God. Say you are sorry. Then reflect on how your life has improved when we do listen to God and Thank Him. He wants to be your Father, share your life with Him.


Iniquity is teaching others it is OK to sin. That you do not have to listen to God or keep His law. Wrong…The law is still in effect. Although we are under God’s grace and are no longer judged for our salvation by it. Do we carry out the ordinances of what happens if someone breaks God’s law ? Jesus said “you without sin cast the first stone”. In fact, we should help people see the value and blessings of God’s law. It is meant to guide and protect us. Do not try to do away with it. You will be punished for that.

                                                      -The work of a Christian –
It is by grace and faith, not by works, that we are saved. Although faith without works is dead. We lead people to Jesus, the love of God and the truth. If they are not interested, do not argue. Walk away with a smile, move on and let someone else try. God wants us all to repent and to adopt all of us. Help Him.

I am now a repented sinner who works for Jesus. I will help you to get eternal life, if that is what you want. This is why Jesus died for us and is God’s will for us. You do not have to pay for it. There is a reward for this work. When Jesus returns, I will be able to help him in his Kingdom, during his 1000 year reign. You can have the same reward.

                             So what must you do to receive eternal life ?

God’s law is not up for a moral discussion. It is appointed men once to die, then to judgment. Sin is transgressing God’s law by disregarding it or not taking it into account. Choosing not to repent, will end your journey in fire. That is the 2nd death. God can not have you around continuing to willfully hurt people.

Next are not my rules or a religion, they are just shared to help you: You admit you have broken at least one law. That doing so has harmed you or others. No need to blame God. You repent and now are going to try to live a sinless life. Will you succeed ? No, you have already sinned. Then why keep trying ? To love God and love your neighbor as yourself. We are judged by our works for rewards and punishment. You believe God loves all of us and sent His only begotten Son Jesus. You accept Jesus lived a sinless life and earned the Tree of Life back when he died. Come to Jesus for forgiveness. He now sits at the right hand of God the Father. You confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead……... AND YOU WILL BE SAVED !!!

Final Thoughts.
Let me share this with you… life is about choices and the Free Will to make those choices. Nobody can choose for you. Some want to take your choice away by saying… “There is no God or Jesus is God or God has no son or Jesus is dead or Jesus never existed.” God has put a time limit on when those who choose to be bad will rule this earth.

I am a Man and a Christian, Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I am Not trying to take your choices away !!! I am letting you know, that I made my choice. To proclaim Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God and have Eternal Life. Christ means “anointed to save”. “Christ in you” means you are now anointed by Jesus to save others. You know the truth and will share it. God loves us and salvation is offered to all !

If you have been loved…you can choose to love someone.

If you have been forgiven…you can choose to forgive someone.

If you have been helped…you can choose to help someone.

If you have been given eternal life… you can choose to invite someone.

Thank You For Reading My Website And Looking At The Pictures ! 

” Soon our eyes will be opened, and we will see…we are already here.” Email – Thank you. Joseph Benante


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                             YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ON IT !!!

God has put a time limit on when the bad will rule this earth. It is your Choice.

Why do I point all this out ? The truth cuts both ways and I said,” I love you ” back in 1995 and ” I still do “.

JOHN 3:16-21……Please Read.
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

Love never comes with a bribe or a threat and is always offered with a choice. God is Love.


Statutes for the City of Jerusalem – The Governor of the City of Jerusalem U.N. Resolution 181(II) of 29 November 1947 Shall have the right to determine whether the provisions of the Constitution of the State in relation to Holy Places, religious buildings and sites within the borders of the State and the religious rights appertaining thereto, are being properly applied and respected, and to make decisions on the basis of existing rights in cases of disputes which may arise between the different religious communities or the rites of a religious community with respect to such places, buildings and sites.

He shall receive full co-operation and such privileges and immunities as are necessary for the exercise of his functions in the State.”Approved by the Trusteeship Council at the eighty-first Meeting on 4 April 1950. “Preamble” whereas the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution 181(II) of 29 November 1947, laid down that the City of Jerusalem, as delimited in that Resolution, should be established as a “corpus separatum” under a ”Special International Regime” and should be administered by the United Nations: Whereas the General Assembly designated the Trusteeship Council to discharge the responsibilities of the Administering Authority on behalf of the United Nations:

Whereas the special objectives to be pursued by the United Nations in discharging its administrative obligations were set forth in the aforesaid Resolution as follows: To protect and to preserve the unique spiritual and religious interests located in the City of the three great monotheistic faiths throughout the world, Christian, Jewish and Moslem; to this end to ensure that order and peace, and especially religious peace, reign in Jerusalem;

To foster cooperation among all the inhabitants of the City in their own interests as well as in order to encourage and support the peaceful development of the mutual relations between the two Palestinian peoples throughout the Holy Land; to promote the security, well-being and any constructive measures of development of the residents, having regard to the special circumstances and customs of the various peoples and communities”. WHEREAS the General Assembly in the aforesaid Resolution directed the Trusteeship Council to elaborate and approve a detailed Statute for the City and prescribed certain provisions, the substance of which should be contained therein:

WHEREAS the Trusteeship Council prepared on 21 April 1948 the Draft Statute for the City of Jerusalem (Document T/118/Rev.2): WHEREAS the General Assembly of the United Nations, in its Resolution 194(III) of 11 December 1948 resolved that a special treatment separate from that accorded to the rest of Palestine should be accorded to the Jerusalem area and that it should be placed under effective United Nations control:

WHEREAS the General Assembly of the United Nations, in its Resolution 303 (IV) of 9 December 1949 restated “its intention that Jerusalem should be placed under a permanent international regime, which should envisage appropriate guarantees for the protection of the Holy Places, both within and outside Jerusalem “, and requested the Trusteeship Council to “complete the preparation of the Statute of Jerusalem (T/118/Rev.2), omitting the now inapplicable provisions”; and,”without prejudice to the fundamental principles of the international regime for Jerusalem set forth in the Resolution of 29 November 1947 introducing therein amendments in the direction of its greater democratization, approve the Statute, and proceed immediately with its implementation”:

Statute for the city of Jerusalem THE TRUSTEESHIP COUNCIL,In pursuance of the aforesaid Resolutions,approves the present Statute for the City of Jerusalem.Article 1 Special International Regime. The present Statute defines the Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem and constitutes it as a corpus separatum under the administration of the United Nations.

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