Annex Of Jerusalem 2018

Hi…. the U.N. (united nations) is going to Annex the City of Jerusalem. It will probably happen just after the Jews celebrate Passover ( april 2018) or just after Pentecost (about june 2018). The U.N. is going to go ahead with the 2 state solution…one for Israel and one for Palestine. The Jews already agreed to this in 1947, but the Palestinians rejected it. The Palestinians wanted Jerusalem as their capital.

Now the Unites States went ahead and completed its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump also threatened to take away the U.S. funding for Palestinians. So this time the Palestinians will go ahead and agree with the United Nations, if they take Jerusalem away from Israel.

The U.N. will put in a Governor and religious overseer ( to look after the Holy sites) over Jerusalem. They will only be responsible to the U.N.. Jerusalem will have its own U.N. police force.

The Jews will then start to build their 3rd temple by the Mosque. This will cause a muslim uprising in Jerusalem. That governor will be injured. The U.N. will act swiftly and very hard on the muslims to put down the uprising. Then Muslims around the world will get inflamed and declare JIHAD against the western world.

The U.N. will be divided and WW III (world war three) will start. It will be a religious war. A U.N. governor of Jerusalem will get all involved to sign a peace treaty. The U.N. will be declared the winner of the war.

A New United Nations will form. This time with seven  countries having veto power. England, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and India. America and China will end up in conflict during WW III. They now have veto power…but will lose it and will not be welcome to participate in the New U.N. leadership.

Go to my website to see how it all plays out. Learn your future and make a choice.

Jesus is the only way to salvation…..and I can help.

joseph benante jan, 3 2018

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