Sin….What is it and why should I care ?

Sin is transgressing God’s law. In other words…not listing to God. When we do not listen to God’s guidance, we end up hurting ourselves and others. The wages of sin is death. It is appointed man once to die and then to judgement. We will be held accountable to answer for our actions. Unrepentant sin leads to death.

God’s guidance has always been in the world….even before the law. Sin has been going on for a long time. We are born with a sin nature. In other words…God has given us free-will. We do not have to listen to God. Our life is Not pre-planned or predestined. We get to make the choices that affect us and others.

God’s law was given to Moses and the Israelites after they came out of bondage in Egypt. The law was given, because most people on earth were doing sick stuff and often mistreating others. God wanted to change this behavior, yet still give us free-will.

So God gave the law only to one group of people. Some (scholars) say that there are 613 laws given by God. That is a lie. There are only about 54. The rest are what happens if you break the law or ordinances. The law is still in effect and will not go away. It was to be shared with the gentiles around them. If the Israelites prospered from the law, then others would want to assimulate with them.

If the Israelites kept the law, they would get eternal life. God said “I set before you blessings and cursings. Life and death…choose life”. The curses are the punishments for breaking the law. Example if you murder someone…the communtity smashes your head in with rocks. If you do not murder, you will have a good relationships with folks. If you steal, the community smashes your head in with rocks. If you share, you have a good relationships with folks.

If you broke the law, there where ways to make attonement for it. You could become a bond servant or pay back folks (restitution) or make sacrfices. If you did these thing like sacrifices, they would not give you eternal life. Just atone for your sin, as a reminder that you did then. It let you start over and you would go back to listening to God. Unfortunatly the Israelites kept sinning or would assimulate with the gentile cultures.

God can not lie….He said life or death. God by His GRACE had a solution to defeat death. God gave us His only begotten Son…Jesus. All that belived, that God loved us and called upon Jesus would be saved. Jesus came here as a plain man, with no special powers. He lived a sinless life. Jesus always listened to his Father – God. It was not till Jesus was about 30 years old that the Holy Spirit rested upon him. It was Holy Spirit doing the miracles. God does not want to rule over us and gave Holy Spirit his same powers of vibration for healing and life.

Jesus was not supposed to die. Only death is the wages of sin. Yet those who had God’s law twisted it to gain money. They did not like Jesus saying…freely you have recieved, freely give. They got the Romans to kill Jesus. Jesus died and therefor completed the Mosaic covenant (testament). God through Jesus was able to make a new covenant (testament). All that believed upon Jesus would get eternal life.

Now God was able to raise Jesus back to life on the 3rd day. God could resurrect Jesus. Who now sits at God his fathers right hand. It means all God’s power (authority) has be given to Jesus. Jesus is now in charge. We must come to Jesus for forgiveness of our sins (the times we do not listen to God) and then we can go to God in right standing. God will give us eternal life and Holy Spirit is the garuantee of that life. That is why Jesus is truely the only hope of salvation and the only way to the Father – God.

There is no more need to sacrifice to God. Instead it was God who bowed down to mankind, by His grace and sacrificed His first born to us. God is sorry for a world we we can choose not to listen to God and harm ourselves and others. If you accept God’s gift (Jesus), you are saying to God….”I forgive you”.

The reason God has given us free will and not made us like robots…is because God wants children. He wants to father us, but by our choice not just His. God did not make you, your parents did. God gave the original people the ability to be fruitful and multiply. They were able to pass it down from generations, to your parents and you. Again God wants children and hopes you let Him adopt you.

A father does not accept sacrifices from his children. Yet it is the father who shares all he has with his children.

The Israelites were going into a promise land that was occupied by others. Some of those folks there were warriors and wore mohawks. God told His people do not shave the sides of your head. (He was not telling jews to grow curly cuews up front.)

Some folks in the land wore goatees. So God said do not trim the edges of your beards.(He did not mean grow long scraggily beards or not shave at all.) Some had long hair like women. So God told His people not to grow long hair. Instead they would keep it cropped at the back of the neck. All these ordinaces were to help keep the Israelites safe. If an Israelite was walking in a field or in battle, they could distinguish a brother from a foe. We do not have to follow those ordinances today.

God also said to the Israelite males alive at that time to circumsise themselve. Then males on the 8th day after birth. The Israelites would make covenants by placing their hand on someones lion (the upper thigh) a very vulnerable spot. This was to say… “I bring no harm to you”. If you were circumscise you could see if it was a brother or not. Also you could ask someone to show you from a distance…to recognize or not. The Israelite women would also know if they were sleeping with an Israelite or not.

The apostel Paul in about six of his letters is denouncing the need for the law, those (ordinaces). He is saying it is by Grace were are saved not by works. He is right. We should not make people cut their hair or circumsise themselves for salvation. However do not Murder or do not Steal and keep the Sabbath are still in affect. Just not for your salvation, just judgement (rewards and punishment).

Also we do not judge others for salvation, if they do or do not keep God’s sabbaths (feast days) passover… pentacost ect… . We do NOT judge people to salvation, but we do help them, by reminding them not to murder, steal and so on. Listen to God.

God told the Israelites to wash their dirty hands. Also dirty dishes before and after they eat. It is so they could enjoy their food and not spread desease. He said drain the blood from an animal and only eat clean animals. Again so we do not get sick. Do not boil (seeth) a calf in it’s mothers milk…it can putrefy. God did not meen the jews should have two refridgerators…one for milk-dairy and one for meat. These are health law (ordinaces) that still help us today. They have nothing to do with going to hell or our salvation. It is tue many people do not follow the health laws and get sick even cancers. Then ask God why or even blame God for their illnesses ????

If folks come to Jesus for forgiveness, they can go to God for eternal life. If they do not repent ( meaning the do not listen to God and do not go to His son Jesus ) they will NOT be saved. This world age is condemned, because God has put a time limit on when those who choose to be bad will rule this earth. It is nothing personal, salvation is offered to all. Then Jesus will rule for 1000 years, then a new world age called Eternity.

When we tell people to repent…we are not judging them. They would like you to think you are…so you stop telling them. They are going to die, if you do not help them. Do not be afraid to tell the truth and help them. Do not be ashamed to tell people about Jesus. You are offering them salvation. If they do not want to listen to you….SMILE AND WALK AWAY>>>DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEM !!! Let soneone else try and help them. God has many helpers.

I did not always listen either. I am a sinner saved by GRACE. I went to Jesus and asked for forgiveness of the times I did not listen to God and hurt others. I still do not always listen, but I still always try. That is all God ever asked us to do….it is to try and help others…love them….do not hurt them.

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