Mark of the Beast, 666 and the Beast.

Hi…. what is the Mark of the Beast and what is the Beast. Why should we care ? Did God warn us about this mark ? What is the big deal ?

The Mark of the Beast is “Protection”. Yes ! It is the Beast protecting you. God should be the protection for the Christians…no other entity.  In Genesis God marked Cain with His seal of protection. Anyone who killed Cain would pay seven times.

The New U.N. after WW III  is the Beast. The name of the Beast might be the New Europe Russia Organization or N.E.R.O.

The Number of the Beast is 666. It calculates to a man’s #. The man’s name was Nero, a Caeser at the time of John, the writer of the Book of Revelation. 666 is a Religious tax by the New U.N. after WW III, just like the one Caeser collected. All religions who have a box/temple, mosque, church or synagogue will have to pay a tax to preach. The so called donations will be taxed. It will provide protection to your box and the people inside. No more Christians preaching in public.

WW III was planned before WW I. First the Elite had to get rid of the Muslims who controlled Jerusalem. In 1917 the English agreed to turn Israel back to the Israelites.

Then after WW II the Elite had the Israelites return to part of Israel. They did not get all their land back. The Palestinians were given land too. There would be two states. Jerusalem would be an international city. The U.N. offered this in 1947. The Palestinians rejected this …but the Jews accepted it. Then in 1948 Israel claimed it’s statehood. A war broke out and Israel captured west  Jerusalem. Then a war in  1967, the Jews took back the eastern half of Jerusalem. It had been under Jordanian control. Not the Palestinians. 

Soon the U.N. who is controlled by the Elite will “Annex the city of Jerusalem”. Then Israel will get a state and the Palestinians will get a state. This was the plan from the begining.

Donald j Trump….President of the Unites States of America will stop sending some funding to the Palestinians and threaten to stop more. This is “the art of the deal”. It will bring back the Palestinians to accept the U.N. resolution of 1947. Which gives a two state solution and corpus seperatum of Jerusalem – The Annex.

After WW III there will be a New United Nations and they will control Jerusalem. That is the 1st Beast out of the sea in Revelation 13. Also it talks about the 2 horned lamb out of the earth….meaning two leaders who present no physical harm. They are a Governor of an annexed Jerusalem and a Religious overseer. They look after the Holy sites. Those leaders are just False Prophets for the 1st Beast of Revelation 13. They claim the New U.N.’s laws are just and should be followed.

Jerusalem will be a place for many, many religions including Hindu. The Elite want to mock God, by claiming religion brings salvation and all religions lead to god. All folks will see God at judgement, but only a few will see God as their Father. Jesus is God’s son and God said no one can come to Him unless they go to Jesus first. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life….no man comes to the Father except through him. Jesus is the Door….not the destination.

Just go to Jesus and ask Him for forgiveness of the times you did not listen to God (that is called sin). The wages of sin is death. Those are the times you hurt yourself or others. Jesus will forgive you, then you can go to God in right standing and He will give you Eternal Life. The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of that Life. He will convict you of further sins by reminding you to love each other. So you do not commit them. He will bring you into the remembrance of truth. If you do sin again… just say you are sorry and start listening again. Always try to listen.

God said do not Worship the Beast (pledge allegiance to the New U.N.). Do not Worship it’s image. (that is the New U.N. flag and the laws it stands for). Also do not receive the Mark of the Beast ( seeking the New U.N.’s protection so you can preach and collect money in your BOX in the name of a god). The buying and selling…is of God’s word. People already do that….STOP !!!!

The Mark is not a Computer chip or Potato chip. The # is not a Tattoo or Bar scan I.D.. People will still be able to buy and sell food and goods. God will not be mad at us for that. The image of the Beast is not a talking Stone statue or Robot. Remember let God protect you. If your body dies…relax you have Eternal Life and will get a new body.



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