God’s Love and UFOs

The Bible’s Spaceships and Answers to Theology.

God is a loving kind person and wants to be your Father. He walked this earth in a clay body and still has it. God was not born through flesh. His body was made like He made Adam’s. God is Melchizedek the King of peace/Salem. Jesus is the Prince of peace/Salem in the order of Melchizedek forever. God Our Father, Jesus Our Brother And Holy Spirit Our Brother, Love You ! These are the relationships we should have, not a religion.

Jesus is the first son of God. He was born a child like us, he loved us and still does. Jesus taught us about God our Father. Many more pictures telling the rest of the story on my other pages. Just click from the # menu above.

Jesus-Christ-was-born-christmas-16924704-1600-1200jesus-amor-1images (3)

He ate and celebrated with us. Jesus prayed to our Father and was beaten like a criminal with a lesson to be learned for his crimes. Crucifixion and separation from our Father and us, is the price Jesus paid. So our sins could be forgiven and we could have eternal life, if we want it. He also asked the Father to send us Holy Spirit to help.

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God loves you ! It is why you were born, although He did not make you, your parents did. God gave the original people on earth the ability to be fruitful, multiply and pass it on. He wants to be with you. You are made with a free will. He is offering you a choice.

The first earth age was deluged with water and expanded. We are living in the second earth age, it will burn and expand. God has put a time limit on the rulership of the bad people. Jesus will then rule on earth for 1000 years. There is an age to come and God wants you to be there with Him. He is offering you eternal life. God wants to adopt you if you let Him. A father does not accept sacrifices from his children, instead it is the father who shares all that he has with his children.

To understand this you must realize in man’s history, all kinds of men have been exalting themselves wanting sacrifices and gifts. They like to control others. The religious leaders would have their followers sacrifice their children to false gods. Example: Molech the bull-man god. Followers did this out of fear to appease the so called angry god.

God is not mad at you, but our behavior is another story. He knows however there are evil influences in this world. God’s love casts out fear and you are valued. He can love, guide, protect and provide for you. He helps you to enjoy life. God does not want your money, but desires we get along and help each other. I do not want your money either, the truth is not for sale. My website is freely given. To enlarge some pictures just click them.

We know God gave the Israelites commandments and laws. If they followed them, it would be a blessing to them and be shared to be a blessing for the gentile nations. You might not know God said to the Israelites that they must sacrifice their first born male child to Him. Although you could offer a lamb to redeemed him, so he would not be killed. God wanted people to stop sacrificing their children and mend the covenant between us. He kept His promise, one would come and defeat death. Genesis 3:15

God is sorry for this 2nd heaven and earth age, where people choose to do evil and follow the ways of Satan and the fallen angels. So God bowed down to mankind and sacrificed His first son Jesus to us, the “lamb” of God. Giving eternal life to redeem us from the 2nd death. He did not do this out of fear, but because He loves us. Jesus knew what was going to happen and he did it anyway, because he loves us.

God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son”. Begotten means acquired, sired or redeemed. Psalm 2, King David was begotten by God, but was not His son. David writes in Psalm 22, he saw Jesus on the cross in the future. Later when Jesus was actually on the cross, he said before his death “my God, my God why have you forsaken me… ” to remind us of Psalms 22. Jesus would be separated from God Our Father, then united back with Him. Our sin separates us from God. Jesus can redeem us and our sins are forgiven.

By accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior ( God’s gift ) you are saying to God ……. “ I FORGIVE YOU ”. We know it is not His will for us to make bad choices, that effect us and others. We no longer keep score of things that go wrong in our life. We will now try to follow God’s good instructions for us, which are in the bible.

The Old Covenant/ Testament was… if we listened to God and kept His laws, we would get eternal life. If we do not listen to God it is called sin. The wages of sin is death. This is because your sin not only affects you, but harms others. You had to sacrifice for your sin to start over (say you are sorry), but it would not give you eternal life.

The New Covenant/ Testament is… even though in the past you did not listen to God and deserve death. God said by His grace if you listen to this one thing I say, then you will be forgiven for everything.

This is what God is saying: Repent of your sin and start listening. Come to My son Jesus for forgiveness (be sorry for your sin). Then you can come to Me in right standing and I will give you eternal life.

God will give you the Holy Spirit to help you. Holy Spirit will be with you forever, he is the guarantee of eternal life. This is why Jesus is truly the only way to the Father and only hope of salvation.

We look forward to the next earth age. Jesus overcame the world, it had no power over him. He kept doing Our Father’s will and told the truth, which sets us free and Holy Spirit does too reminding us of it.

We can become a new creature in “Christ”. It means “anointed to save” and as a follower of Jesus/the head of Christ, we represent his body on earth. He did the Father’s will, which is to tell others about the Father’s love, helping and warning us. That is the family business and there is no religion needed, just love for God and your neighbor. Help people get to eat from the Tree of Life.

The Illuminati

The people of earth were once judged good and bad. The good became the Angels. About 6500 years ago they built spacecraft. Some were to watch over us and others went to populate other planets.


Some went to large Nibiru, the fifth planet from the sun, between Mars and Jupiter. After a 1000 years it started to flood, then expand. The people left for other planets and some came back to earth about 5000 years ago. The planet Nibiru then exploded and is now an asteroid belt. Notice there are three large planets on the Sumerian tablet. Near to the sun is Nibiru, then Jupiter and Saturn.

Snapshot 3 (12-6-2014 1-17 PM)_editedSnapshot 4 (12-6-2014 1-18 PM)_editedSnapshot 2 (12-6-2014 1-17 PM)_edited

Some of the Angels/Aliens/Illuminati are tall because they are from the smaller earth and can be thin do to diet. There was less gravity on the smaller earth. The Illuminati space folks are from the four clans.

Good and bad ones have been visiting us for 1000s of years and there have been abductions. The followers of the bad ones on earth, are called the Illuminati. Many are government officials, religious leaders, educators, bankers and celebrities. It is not a big conspiracy, just a small group running the show. ” The Blue Blood descendants“.

The middle picture is what I would look like if I came out of a spacecraft. When passing through the hull’s counter Gamma Ray absorption ring. I would shine like an X-ray or very ghostly. My features would be blended. No shadows except my eyes, nose and mouth openings.

My hair would be white as wool and my eyes would gleam like fire.

2013-10-23-47175_2_IMGA0121 (2)

( Jesus was described this way in the book of Revelation and others. ) I would illuminate/glow. After being away from the spacecraft’s radiation for a while, the glowing would stop. Again Hindu and Egyptians painted their gods blue, who traveled in the heavens.



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On the next Egyptian picture, notice how tall the one in the middle is. Also the bull-man on the left. See the keys to the space pods in their hands on the left and right.


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Ancient Mayan statues show men in space suits 1000s of years ago. The last one seems to show a glow around an eagle space suit or dressed like a turkey. 


Native American southwest Cave painting, of an astronaut 1000s of years old with a glow. – N.A.S.A’ space suit, I wonder where they got their idea for a space suit. – Next an astronaut found carved on a 12 century church in Spain. Yes, over 900 years ago. Since it was found, it has been heavily damaged to remove it. Very Interesting.


An ancient cave painting in France. There are ancient carvings and paintings from India, Europe, to Americas showing men glowing from space. Good people have been pointing this out for years. Type ” Ancient Alien Cave Paintings” to check them out on the web.


Due to less gravity on the smaller earth some people grew elongated heads. Others still have the gene that was passed down. So-called alien skulls like in Peru, are of mankind from the clans. 


Also there are people who have hydrocephalus and their heads grow bigger. Some aliens in pictures are depicted that way. Others wear helmets.

pppp_2_ufonautdownload (6)

Governments and Church leaders have known about spaceships for 1000s of years. Hovering spaceship painting shows angels looking down through a clear floor. The UFOs can heat the air around them causing vapors and make clouds to cloak in. Some times they leave contrails in the sky.


The US government has denied the existence of a secret base called area 51 for years. Some people claim UFOs have landed there. Now the government admits the base exist. Why ? In the near future they are going to show you the spaceships, and introduce you to the Illuminati. Do not listen to them.

UFOs in the Bible

The kingdom of heaven refers to the way God delegates His word to others. First page of the bible says the firmament is heaven, that is our atmosphere. The heavens are outer space, the stars and planets.

We were created by our parents and are loved by our Father God. The initial spaceships were built right here on earth. Then improved ships were built on other planets and moons. We did not come from aliens….they came from us. 

The Bible shares “There is a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it and the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian. A rainbow that shone like an emerald encircled the throne. Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones” “Also in front of the throne there was what looked like a sea of glass clear as crystal. Around the throne were four living creatures and they were covered with eyes in front and in back.” John in the book of revelation, is describing God’s throne in a spaceship. The four creatures/men are in space suits, some with animal helmets. They are called Seraphim and protect God’s throne.

Why does God prefer to live there instead of with us ? He hates our sin, we do not listen to him. He has decided to continue giving us free will and steps back. Some beige/pink are there now. Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and others. Lots of the male and female descendants of the four clans deemed good, are in the spacecraft. They are the messenger/angels and watchers. All can visit, but some have become bad and visit our governments regularly. They are the Illuminati.

From the bible…“Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals. Then one of the elders said to me, Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals. Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing at the center of the throne, encircled by the four living creatures and the elders”. Jesus is the lamb in the spacecraft the day he ascended from Bethany, called the Lords day.

Enoch was taken up to God. Moses’ face glowed from being near God’s spaceship. Moses Body was taken up to God. Elijah was seen taken up in a whirlwind, Samuel calls them a Cherub. Ezekiel describes the Cherubim as living creatures with having 4 wings and wheels for feet. Isaiah writes about six winged Seraphim. Daniel saw an angel and described him as Beryl (meaning blue like).

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed from fire and brimstone/sulfur from heaven. Lot and his family were told not to look back. Why ? It was coming from Satan’s spaceship, because he still works for God. Jacob saw the angels descending and ascending on ladders. The Israelites when wandering in the wilderness, were also protected by a cloud in the day and fire at the night. A cloaked spaceship with lights at night. The Israelites were fed with angel food/manna in the wilderness. So much that quail came to eat it. Where were the angels ? In the spacecraft, referred to as clouds.

Job’s family, servants and animals were killed by fire raining down from the heavens. It was from Satan’s spaceship. Some of David’s enemies were defeated with fire from heaven. Elijah’s sacrifice and enemies were defeated from fire that came down from heaven. At Jesus’ birth a star moved from the east. Then stopped in the fields of Bethlehem, where angels came flying above and singing.

Jesus took three of his disciples up to a high mountain to pray. Then they saw two others with Jesus and said “let us put up three shelters one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah”. Then they went into the cloud and heard God say “Jesus was His son, listen to him.” Those three glowed/transfigured.

After Jesus died, Mary Magdalene went to his tomb, an angel came down and rolled away the stone. He also frightened those who had been guarding it. After his resurrection, Jesus was on the ground and ascended into a cloud. He was beamed up. 

God our Father, Jesus and Holy are Spirit Beings. They do not need a Spaceship, but they have made clay bodies in order to dwell with us. They have to breath, eat and drink. Their bodies look just like us, but last longer. When an angel first appeared to someone they were ghostly frightened. Once they are away from the ship for awhile the glowing stops. So they are not shape changers. Abraham and others met with angels and reported no glowing, they looked like ordinary people. You may have had fellowship with angels, without knowing.

“The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool”. Jesus now sits with our Father on His throne and he will return in a cloud. Satan has not rebelled yet, but has fallen from God’s grace and his angels/messengers too. They travel back and forth to earth in Cherub spacecraft. They are the “Illuminati” and have many followers, so do not listen to them.

In the book of revelation 10:1, “and I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:” “He had one foot on the sea and one on the earth.” It is Satan/Shiva with his helmet on, in his space suit leaving the spaceship with shinny bronze boots. He controls the 1st beast out of the sea and 2nd beast out of the earth in Revelation 13.

Also in Revelation, the false Prophet will call fire from heaven before Satan and his spaceships are cast to the earth. Elisha and his servant saw chariots of fire. Paul and John mention the dead in Christ and we that are alive, will be taken up in the clouds. After the 1000 years it says God will defeat Satan’s army on earth with fire from heaven.

Clouds and others are referring to spacecraft. I want you to be so confident about this that you are not led astray.

Aliens/mythical gods/angels are just people from earth that were once deemed good that built spacecraft. They got to eat a certain food. Some have taken advantage of God’s blessings using them for evil and fallen from grace. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness/ liars of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. We pull down the Strong Holds. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

Big Brother….Now the truth about world government surveillance and technology. I mentioned in a video in 1998 N.S.A had a program called Echelon. That it is used to spy on us electronically, every call, every keystroke, images from satellites and anything bought without cash. Electronics with a password, even RFID chips, are programmed with a backdoor code. They all can be entered in case you forget your password. This means anyone legally or illegally can get into your information. Changing a pass code can change an electronic’s function. Even your cars and other vehicles can be shut down.

The information that was once available on their website, by their very own links, was very disclosing. I found it by mistake looking on the internet for N.A.S.A and I typed it wrong. I was wanting to learn more on the U.S. Lunar Modules that were said to go to the moon. I wondered why they were built similar to Ezekiel’s Cherub space pod.

The reason the N.S.A. truth has come out in 2013- 2014, is because they Want you to know they are watching.

A speed limit sign has no power over you unless you let it. Also there are not enough enforcers to make it effective, but there are enough to catch a few speeders. Those few are heavily fined/taxed deterring the majority, therefore controlling many. So do not be an extremist and there is no point in a physical fight with them. Just tell others about Jesus.

Your new TV is able to be turned on by them for emergencies because they have V-chips. For those who have cable boxes, every channel you watch is added to their data base. If you have a webcam, unplug it or cover it when not in use. You are being watched and recorded, with your cellphone and security system too. Microphones on computers and phones are always on unless you take the battery out. GPS helps find your way, but also tracks you and Apps too. The less information you give them, will easy your mind about their so called “control”.

They are going to use the information gathered with world government surveillance against you. You might say “if you have nothing to hide what’s the problem ?”. Information can be manipulated through the media. Some will be fined/taxed or jailed for not conforming to the ideology of the New U.N.. Many of its laws will go against Christians. Also by twisting the prophecies in the bible a governor of the Annexed Jerusalem, the (anti-Christ) will influence the Religious leaders. So know you are Loved and Cared about by God our Father and they will lose. Sharing the truth is how we win.


images (9)download (2)

The real symbol that Satan’s followers worship is the Owl. It is a symbol for the night watchmen. Look in your town or city for it. In Bohemian Grove California there is a large statue of an Owl. Blue Bloods, America’s government leaders and Presidents, along with worlds leaders meet and perform ceremonies to it. Crazy, but true !

Religion, Hollywood and Satan worshipers can be silly with their understanding and pictures of Satan.


A little more about Satan. He is just a man from the “red” clan not a shape changing snake. He had two brothers and some sisters. After moving to India, Shiva/Satan ruled over the regular people there. His brother Indra/Zeus reigned over the ones who were once deemed good by God that turned bad. He was “king of the gods”. Satan’s other brother Yama/Hades lived underground. Many folks around the world did in different cultures. Labyrinths in Egypt and Mexico too.

When the earth was smaller and smoother it was a good place to hide from certain animals, people and varying climate. Also some thought they could hide from God. Yama used his underground labyrinths to lock up the bad people. He tortured some and sacrificed others. The place was used for sexual immorality also. Inside the labyrinths it was warmer due to the heat inside of the smaller earth. The deeper the chamber…. the hotter it got. Do you see the idea of Hades now ?

Shiva/Satan prior to moving to India, he lived in Eden and before that what is now north America. He was deemed good and God gave him the opportunity to help the bad people (the waters) around the world. He was given a scepter “a sound vibration weapon” and rules God’s angelic army. He has the ” rod of iron “. That is why even Michael the other archangel would not speak against him.

By ruling with an “iron rod”, he was able to keep bad folks inline. To do so Satan’s body was improved by a type of food. When he moved to Eden, he was also a king and priest for God, till the sin of pride consumed him. He became rich, because he was charging for the words of God in the sanctuaries and brought in trade. That is what caused him to lose his kingship and priesthood.

He used to walk among the fiery stones in the garden of Eden, which were bell space pods to the Mothership. God then made Adam to take his place and he got jealous. He sneaked back in like a serpent by still presenting himself as God’s priest telling the truth. An Angel of light.

Satan then deceived Eve by tempting her to learn from Vishnu. God cursed Satan and punished all the little gods who were doing wrong by taking away their power. Satan then realized he was wrong and took the blame and partnered with Vishnu for a long time. God kicked them out of Eden and that was when they went to India.

Next Shiva-Shiva-Poseidon

041206005712_shiva_with_a_trident_2_images (3)gfghhhjj

In the bible Satan is the “Prince of the Air”. Satan In India is called Shiva the “Destroyer /lord of death” and in Greek he is Poseidon “god of the sea”. The sea refers to bad folks…the unrepentant. Sometimes both are made blue in the two cultures. On my bible page I mention he is like the moon.

He is not the light, but was to reflect it and share it with the bad people. He had a mother and father. I do not know if both were judged good. The father was overthrown by his brother Indra/Zeus. The snake is obviously of his attributes and for following Vishnu. He is depicted with a drum, because his scepter is a sound weapon. He has a third eye, because he is one of the watchers.

So after the flood the Himalayas were formed and a large crevice pit in the earth. In the Bible it is called the Abyss. Satan was filled with guilt for going against God’s will and repented with ashes. This is the reason it was said he would eat dust/ashes all the days of his life. He is also young looking and handsome. Read Ezekiel 28 12-19. The lament of the king of Tyre. When Israelites knew they were wrong for disobeying God, they put on ashes to show repentance.

The Hindu’s got the names right, of the Greek/Eden gods that fled east to India from God. The Greeks put their own faces on the mythical gods, when making statues around 400 B.C.. Although history shows they were of the 4 clans and 4 colors.

Michael came down and locked up all the other fallen angels/gods in the abyss except for Satan. He can quote scripture, but does not understand prophecy. Kings wear crowns with jewels, Priest wear breast plates with stones that glisten. A true Priest teaches and brings the petitions of the people to the one true King/God Almighty.

However because he repented God forgave him and he still works for God as his tempter and the death angel. Even Jesus was led by Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan. Then Jesus only rebuked his temptation with the truth of scripture. We pray to our Father “lead us not into temptation”.

Satan does not want to be like God. He does not think you deserve to be forgiven like he was. He does not want you to get eternal life and accuses you and your sins to God.

Satan is not in hell, he did not take 1/3 of the angels with him. There is no gap in Genesis 1 and 2 for millions of years. That is bad religious theology. He is in heaven with God, because he has not rebelled yet. Soon a man will make him jealous, then he will rebel and cast 1/3 of God’s angels to earth. That won’t happen till after the U.N.’s WW III.

Then Michael will fight against Satan and cast him and his followers to earth. Angels do not have wings, but some of their space suits do. His two horns seen in pictures are mistaken theology. The two horns are the 2nd Beast, an Annexed Jerusalem’s Governor and religious Overseer which he will control. The term (anti-Christ) is not in the book of Revelation, but the False Prophet is.

Satan is not some kind of another dimensional spirit being and can not enter your body. Only a satanic thought that goes against God’s will can. He can not be in two places at the same time. If he is busy bothering one person, he can not bother another. He has to get his followers, “his tail” involved.

Devil, Satan, Dragon and Serpent are all attributes of his thoughts and behavior. It is these type of thoughts that can enter you and make you behave badly. These thoughts can be cast out two ways. One is by positive thoughts and the other is by prayer. Hopefully now you see and understand a red devil, with two horns, a pitch fork and a tail.

A Demon is the Spirit being of a giant. It did not go to sleep when its body died. It searches for a body to dwell in. God did not judge them to paradise or hell. There are not a lot of them, maybe 1000s in comparison to the 7 billion living on earth now. Most of them were in eastern Europe, the land of Canaan/ Israel/ Jordan. Some were in America. Jesus and others cast them out of folks. Just replace them with the Holy Spirit. A demonic spirit is a bad thought.

The three main Hindu gods are Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma/Apollo the “god of creation” son of Indra/Zeus. In Hindu Brahma is the father of Indra. Although he came out of the belly of Vishnu, meaning Vishnu taught or raised Brahma. In the bible Apollo is the “god of the earth”. The reason I mention this, Satan is not really the problem when he gives his authority to the 1st and 2nd beast. They will offer us peace.

The Mark of the beast is Protection for all Religions to preach in safety. 666 is a “Nero” religious tax imposed by the New U.N.. If you charge for the word of God, just like Satan did. Then your church will have to get a tax I.D.. It is to record the so-called donations. In order to support peace keeping troops. They will go after the Christians who speak out in public. When Brahma/Apollo comes out of the abyss the Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, Christians and then the Two Witnesses need to lookout. He will control India’s 200 + million man army.

10 Religious teachings that are not in the bible.
(1)When you die you go to heaven” (some created a mythical place). They say grandma is there. They do not realizing heaven is our atmosphere and there are spacecraft up there. You do not die and go to spaceship. They do not understand the light of God. It is His truthful teaching. Some people claim to see a white light and write books on going to heaven with grass, pearly gates, dinosaurs and hills. They say their relatives are there, but can not describe yours. They can not describe Jesus. Stay away from that kind of information.

The bible says when you die, you are dead. The Spirit Being goes to a state of sleep. You are conscious of your sins or find rest. This is referred to as hell or paradise, it is the same place. If you worked for Jesus you will make the first resurrection and the second death has no power over you. If not you will have to wait for the second resurrection, where you will be judged based on your works. Sea, Death and Hell give up the dead at this time. When Jesus died he saved us from the 2nd death, which is going into the Lake of Fire.

(2) Some say ” you are three parts– Spirit, Body and Soul”. A spirit is a thought and you are a collection of thoughts. You are a Spirit Being that can live in a body and control it. If you do not, it controls you or goes into survival mode until it dies. Your first thought was life at fertilization. You continue adding thoughts in the womb and afterward. At somepoint God puts His spirit in you to seek Him.

The Body is just a receptacle to receive your spirit being and transmit thoughts. It allows you to express and interact with other spirit beings. Your Soul is the journey of your Spirit Being. Both in your body or the new ones you will get as life goes on. Do not worry about the death of the body, but the death of the soul. That is the 2nd death.

 (3) Gehenna, Sheol, Hell, Hades, Tartarus, Abyss and Lake of Fire are the same place. Gehenna is a garbage dump outside the city that was lit on fire. It is also were diseased bodies, infected clothes and animal carcasses are thrown. Sheol is the grave where you bury dead people, because the body returns to dust. Hell is a literal place, but not a physical place. It is the state your spirit being is when your body dies called sleep. You dream of your sins over and over again. You find no relief and are tormented by them. You might want to repent. Hell is temporary and you will be judged at the 2nd resurrection.

Hades is the Greek name for a person, his real name is Yama in Hindu. He lived underground like many other people on the smaller smoother earth. It was a good place to get away from harmful animals and people. He dug connecting chambers called a labyrinth. In Greek it is called Tartarus. He tortured people there, committed sacrifices and immoral sex acts. The Abyss is a crevice in the Himalayas were all the fallen gods were locked up by Michael a chief Angel of God. Satan repented for his first sin. God forgave him, so he is not there yet. The Lake of Fire is the final place for those with unrepentant sin.

(4) Your life is planned or predestined. NO ! This earth age is condemned, we are living between the flood and the fire. God’s will for our lives is to come to repentance. So that salvation can be offered to go into eternal life, in the 3rd heaven and 3rd earth age to come. If life was predestined, then what is Free Will ? The life you choose is a combination of your choices and the effects on how others live theirs. If you sweep floors or you are a general, it is your choice and both are needed. God calls everyone after they repent and come to Jesus….to tell someone else, so they can have eternal life too.

The reason you exist, is God gave the original people the ability to multiply and it passed down to your parents and you. God wants to adopt all of us as His children, but by our choice… not just His.

(5) There is a Trinity ( one God revealing himself in three forms, like water is gas, liquid and solid. Some claim it is a Mystery and no one can understand it) – I do ! It is a bad teaching of a twisted Triune god and resurrected from a pagan in 170 A.D. At the time the new testament was put together. Then at the council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. it was made a Universal/Catholic teaching in Roman churches.

First you had one God and monotheism. Now Jesus sits on his Father’s throne, so then dualism. Yet Holy Spirit fathered Jesus, so now you have a triune God. How did Constantine rectify this to unite all the churches ? His answer, one god in three forms. WRONG !

The bible says there is only one God Almighty, our Father and no one is beside Him. Jesus is His only begotten son and he says “the Father is greater then me”. Jesus lived a sinless life and died, God raised him from the dead. He has earned the right to sit with his Father on His throne. Now he is Mighty God until his enemies are subdued. Then Jesus will get his own Kingdom on earth for 1000 yrs after it expands.

They sent us a third person, Holy Spirit, God’s other son. He was not born through a woman like Jesus. God does not want to rule over us. God gave Holy Spirit His same powers to do His work and help us in truth. They are 3 Individual, Loving and Kind People. John 14:24-26

(6) There is a Rapture (some tell others and church members they are going to fly away, to some mythical place called Heaven. They argue a pre, mid and post 7 year tribulation rapture. Then they will return with Jesus on White Horses to Armageddon to fight Satan. This is prior to the 1000 year reign of Jesus.) The bible says we will go though the earth convulsing and tribulations.

It never says 7 years, they misunderstand Daniel 9 about Greek kings. The “Little Horn” of Daniel 7 is the leader of the new U.N.. He will have the governor of Jerusalem change the Jewish law for 3 1/2 yrs. Then great tribulation starts. After Jesus returns to Mt. Sion and raises the 144,000, the “first fruits” harvest. Later some Christians will be taken up into spacecraft/clouds for safety by the Angels at harvest time. If you are alive and are doing Jesus’ work, you will not go through God’s wrath. Next the “victor” comes back with God’s angelic army, not grandma. To defeat all armies that oppose God’s son Jesus. This is God’s wrath and the earth expands.

“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise 1st:. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord”. The dead in Christ rise 1st at the 1st resurrection and some new repentant Christians. Revelation 20 says it is after God’s wrath.

(7) Jesus is God (some teach a man can be God)—The bible does not say “God so love the world He killed Himself ” Its a dangerous teaching that does not listen to the words of Jesus. Some get confused with John 1:1 “in the beginning was the word”. What word ? God said “Let there be light”. Also in Genesis 3:15 God said to the Satan ” I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

All we had was the Word. That word was kept with God. That promise was God. The people were waiting for a savior to defeat Satan the death angel. The word became flesh, not God. God gave us His word, Jesus was born in the flesh through Eve’s lineage. He says ” I am the light of the world” and in John 10:36 “I am the Son of God”. Read John 3:1-31. Still some will say, there is no God, Jesus is God or God has no son or Jesus is dead or Jesus never existed.

(8) Tithing is giving 10% of your money to a church ( some twist the words of God, to say the money belongs to them).— A complete ripping off of the people trying to learn God’s word. Abraham gave 10% of his spoils from a war to save Lot, to the King of Salem. He gave the other 90% to the King of Sodom and kept nothing for himself.

Tithing is saving 10% of your yearly increase for God’s feast days called Tabernacles. It is so you can throw a party in Jerusalem every September for eight days. The tithes are to be eaten by you. The leftovers are for the Levites, who had no inheritance of land. The extra was stored in the temple and city gates. The 3rd year is for everybody to eat and celebrate, foreigners too. Read Deuteronomy 14:22-29 . Also money is not your seed. God’s words of repentance, forgiveness, Jesus and eternal life are. They are the seeds you sow into people, that have opened up to you. Those who ask questions to learn, that is good ground.

(9) Jesus’ birth was on December 25th and died in April- May at Easter. ( they pass down pagan traditions )– Bible says Jesus died at the age of 33 and 1/2 yrs. He was crucified in Nisan/Abib on the 14th which is March- April at Passover. Count back six months and he was born in September, on or about the feast of Atonement. Count back nine months, he was conceived on or about December 14th.

(10) Some think speaking in tongues  is (a speech sounding like ” buda bada beda la la shuda boughta honda.” That is gibberish from folks who want others to think they have a power from Holy Spirit.) To the 120 in the upper room at Pentecost, Holy Spirit gave each person there a split tongue of fire. It meant they could speak their normal language and a second foreign language. Fire is the anointed truth, because a flood of lies can not put out an oil fire.

The confusion comes from not knowing what tongues is for. Tongues is speaking a foreign language that you have not learned, so foreigners can understand your message. Different countries conquered and scattered the people of Israel throughout their history. Some spoke different dialects/ languages. Jesus’ disciples were told to go out and make disciples.

The Israelites were commanded to meet in Jerusalem 3 times a year. Pentecost was one of them. That day the 120 were sharing Jesus’ gospel with the crowd. Then the crowd started to hear them in their own dialect. They were amazed, they had been coming there for years and this was the first time regular Jews spoke that way. Some thought because they spoke in foreign speech, that they had been drinking. Peter said this was what Joel prophesied about. 

Paul would tell church members with that Holy Spirit gift, to speak one or a few persons at a time. So others could understand what they are saying. Also speak only in a foreign language, if a foreigner was there to hear it/interpret it or Be Silent. 1 Corinthians 14: 1-40 

He was not forbidding the speaking of tongues, but was letting them know how to use it, to Edify. Paul said if not, only God would understand what you were trying to say. It is Not a prayer language.

                          Clay Face Of Jesus

crazy-198x202_2_face-of-jesus-01-0312-mdnDIGITAL CAMERAJoseph_Benante_4_

I noticed I looked similar to a clay image of what Jesus might have look like as a Jewish man. I wondered if Jesus and I are related ? So I checked my genealogy. The lineage and name is passed down from the father. The bloodline is passed down from the mother. Jesus’ ancestors were Judah and Tamara through their son Pharez.

My ancestors were Joseph and Asenath through their son Ephraim. Judah and Joseph were brothers. So the answer is yes. We come from the same tribe of Jacob/ Israel. Their grandma was Rebeka, who was married to her cousin Isaac, son of Abraham and Sarah. Thank you for reading my website. Hopefully it is all starting to fit together.


Here is a quick link so you do not have to scroll up. http://wp.me/P5cUcn-aR

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