Who Built the Pyramids, How and Why ?

“We did not come from Aliens…They came from Us”. I Will Share Who Built The Pyramids, How And Why. There are 1000s of them across the wide Original Equator. Also I will share the Messenger/Angelos/Angel /Alien and UFO connection. I think you are worth it !

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In Egypt, the Great pyramids. The middle, missing, outer shell is the water height of Noah’s flood and erosion line. AMAZING !  Clicking some photos make them bigger. Many more pictures telling the rest of the story on my other pages. Just click from the # menu above


The ones in Indonesia have men inside bells/pods on top of them. Were the original Buddha, Aliens or fallen Angels in space pods ?

Pyramids – In Indonesia                                 – In China –                        


Hello….Was the great flood that every ancient culture has in their history, the demise of the pyramid builders ? Notice the similar shapes. There are 1000s of pyramids across Africa, Europe, upper India Himalayas, Asia, Americas and underwater. 

My find in Glastonbury Tor England-  –    In the farm fields of China – Interesting


Underwater Azores near Portugal –                    Underwater near Japan – 


Underwater near Cuba                                         In Bosnia


Pyramids in Central America – Last one is called the Pyramid of the Sun

tikal-pyramiddownloadimages (1)

When the earth was smaller and it had a solid crust, they are all on the same line. The ones built by the beige/pink folk are to the north. They formed an ancient trade route around the world, along the warmer equator. Mexico was on the left side of Peru and the Mediterranean was once closed up. These people all knew each other, they told the same story and built them for the same reason.

On a smaller world people were stronger, some were taller and things were lighter do to a lesser gravity force on the surface. This is why they were able to be built with large stones. There are also many pyramids underwater to be discovered on the continental shelves. China’s shelf is half of the Pacific’s ocean’s floor that pulled away from America. We will find pyramids in the left side of the Pacific.

Stones were easily transported by carts and sleds on the smaller smoother earth by man and animal. The pyramids started to be built about 4450 years ago, around 100 years before Noah’s flood. Some match the constellations and record time. Their paintings and carvings are used to tell a story of the beginning of creation and future events of mankind.

Moses studied in the courts of Pharaoh in Egypt and wrote the story down. The pyramids also record the coming resurrection of the dead and the coming savior of the world. The bible, some of the old testament, is the same story.

In the beginning God created people about 10,000 years ago. They are called creatures and many men and women were made in pairs. Each pair was made from one of four different types of clay soil around the world and only certain pigment colors in different areas. They had one of four skin colors, red, dark brown/black, brown and yellow. Their families are known as the four clans. There was no organic decay before the clans were made .

Adam and Eve are called humans for the rich beige/pink clay, humus soil they came from. They were not created till about 5800 years ago according to the Hebrews and are called whites today. This is why we see hunter gatherers for thousands of years, then farmers pop up about 5700 years ago in east Europe. Email Questions to admin@theearthexpanded.com

This Is The Who, Why And How… They Built The Pyramids.
When the earth was smaller, it was smoother and it had no high hills or mountains. There were low spots and some were filled with water. The descendants of the four clans people, some of the beige/pink folk, Nephilim/giants, blue bloods and fallen messengers/angels built the Pyramids.

The Pyramids were made to be High Stone Hills to climb on or in. They would be able to withstand the rain coming down and the forces of rising water through the crust’s surface. So the people could survive the worldwide flood at Noah’s time.

For 120 years he warned the people and told them to repent. They got their instructions and some tools to build them from the fallen angels. The mythical gods already on earth and some who had come back to earth in spacecraft from the planet Nibiru.( Sumerian picture further down on this page)

The water rose from 250 feet to 280 feet high over the entire surface of the smaller earth. Anyone on the shorter pyramids and on the ground died. Many great civilizations and animals were wiped out by the flood, considered lost. Many pyramids remained uncompleted.

Some people and animals survived inside the pyramid chambers. Other people and animals were able to survive on the step pyramids. They had store houses on them, where they could keep food and cook.

It is that simple and you heard it from me first…… Joseph Benante.

Notice the step pyramids and their 3 doors on the store houses. They match on top of the different pyramids, in 3 different countries. How is that possible ?? Showing again they were built and instructed by the same people.

01 mexico egypt indonesia pyramids connection atlantis
The black line on the globe unrolled, shows the approximate original equator. India and lower China where pushed upwards when they expanded away from Africa, Australia, Antarctica and the Americas.

The clans all knew each other and walked around the smaller earth. Reds in central America, Blacks/dark brown in Nigeria, Browns in Middle East, Beige/pink in Europe and Yellows in the Far East.

Learn the end times and your future on my Revelation page.


Science would like us to believe that we evolved from a “missing link”. That it split into a monkey and split into a human. They say this happened in Africa and that person was black. They do not say were its mate came from. Then their descendants migrated north across the Mediterranean and became beige/white folk. Some of the black folk then migrated east and became brown folk in India. They went further east and became yellow folk in Asia. Then they headed north to Russia, across a land bridge to Alaska, down through Canada, further south to Mexico and became Red folk. So there you have it. Head east and change colors, they say it took 100s of 1000s of years. I like Science Theory.

The Religious claim that folks of different colors, all came from Adam and Eve. They were beige/white folk who migrated south and became black folk in Africa, then migrated east and became brown folk in India. They continued further east and became yellow folk in Asia. Then they headed north to Russia, across a land bridge to Alaska, down through Canada, further south to Mexico and became Red folk. This took place up until Noah who was beige/white. Then after the flood it all happened again, folks changed colors in less then a 1000 years. I like Religious Theology.

The problem with the Science Theory and Religious Theology: folks do not change colors/races by heading south to north, to the east, to further east or west. Only through intermarriage do their children change. In the Bible words like “all, every, whole,” do not always translate well. Example : I did not say “all ways”. Many times it has to do with certain nations in an area or a past subject it was referring to.

Note: The natives in the Americas, are just that, they did not migrate from Asia. They were isolated when the continents broke apart and mainly conquered by the Spanish and others when they came across the Atlantic. Another key can be found in the bible. Adam and Eve’s descendants, Noah and seven other pure Adamic humans built an Ark to save the animals. They built it near lake Ararat. The lake was pushed upward and became mountains when the earth expanded.

It is in east Turkey, east of the garden of Eden and the 4 rivers. They were Euphrates, Tigris, Pishon/Murat, Gihon/Karasu. It landed in between the mountains of Ararat, a plateau formed there. It is not far from where it was built, the land was once called ancient Armenia. A dove was sent out and came back with an olive branch.

Some time after the Ark landed, Noah and his family went southwest to settle around Harran. Later His son’s separated. Japheth and his family went north to Europe. Where there were other beige/pink mixtures of people and were then considered the maritime nations. Most of Ham’s family went south and farther west to Egypt and Libya. Shem and some of his family went southeast to Shinar (Jordan / Iraq).

Also the bible says there was a man named Nimrod, a grandson of Ham. He went down the Euphrates, south after the flood. To the land of Shinar, with some descendants of Shem from the Ark. They went and conquered the land. Conquered who ? The people in the cities who they found that survived the flood, in and on the pyramids there.

Nimrod and his followers were also afraid the earth might flood again. So in Babel they said “let us build an everlasting tower to the sky, so we will not be scattered around the earth”.

They made the tower of Babel. It was not a circular tower to go all the way to heaven, it was the base of a pyramid. They used bricks and mortar. Why ? They could not make or no longer lift the heavy blocks. The speed of gravity’s pull to the center of the earth had increased on the surface, because the earth expanded. Now it is impossible to lift some of those blocks, even with modern equipment.

The earth will not be totally flooded again. Cleansed with Fire ? Now that is a different story. The original language on earth was still spoken by north west American natives, today incorrectly called Indians. It is very similar to the original Hebrew writings and was not corrupted by the Spanish, French or English. It is a chopped language and did not get confused during the tower of Babel.

One of the stories of the pyramids is the the sun and moon fighting, the ruler of light against the ruler of darkness. Jesus rules the day, good people and Satan the night, bad people. While it is still light take time to study the bible and the pyramids, same story.

Also some of the other people kept building smaller block ones after the great flood, in case the earth flooded again. Some are rebuilt on existing large block pyramids that were toppled over, researchers are just discovering them. Others built cities on the newer higher ground.

The different clans all knew each other. The original builders shared in similar rituals, such as preserving the dead for the resurrection and sacrificing to a god. They had a common language and similar writing styles. When the continents were connected and the earth was smaller it is much easier to see Who, How and Why they built them.

Not everything in my past writings and videos were correct, like today I am still learning. Back in 1998, I suggested in one, that Satan’s so called pitchfork was a pronged scepter, with the ability to create sound waves. The angels of heaven had these prongs and could be used as tools to cut rocks by vibration. Was I correct back then ? Also were some blocks moved by aircraft ? Interesting…..

In the bible it says the flood waters only rose fifteen cubits, that is 25 feet over the highest mountains. Remember before earth expanded, it was pretty smooth. There were no high mountains like today. The same writer Moses called Mt. Moriah, which is now Temple Mount near Mt. Zion, a mountain, but it is a large hill. Mt. Everest was partially the land under a great sea push upward. The flood waters did not rise over it, but drained into the new ocean basins.

The three larger pyramids in Egypt range from 220 to 480 feet high, but the chambers are midway. Some around the world are larger and others were built on raised areas that made them high enough. The height of the flood water in Egypt was about 260 feet above the surface and can be seen on Khafre’s, the middle pyramid. It was covered with smooth lime stone to seal it. The lime stone was washed away by the water splashing back and forth, not by air erosion.




The Great pyramid of Egypt of Khufu, on the right, was like others, designed to be airtight underwater. It has built in air shafts that folks later block to keep the water out. There are other small chambers besides what is called the King and Queen chambers, they stored stuff and animals in them. The folks had battery operated lights.

The kings chamber’s ceiling was high and made as an air pocket, like when you tip over a canoe. It was covered in soot, they cooked in there. The chambers are connected with winding ramps so if and when the water came in, it would run down to the pit.

Not all people broke into them as tomb raiders, but broke out of them after the flood. Some people drowned in their pyramids, this is why many scientist think they were made to be tombs. There are many more super large pyramids, literally high hills around the world, ready to be discovered.

Some people were sacrificed on the step pyramids. Many other people were killed while trying to climb them when the water rose, by the folks on top. This is why many scientist think they partook in a lot more sacrifices on them. Hopefully now you know the truth.

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Aliens/Mythical Gods/Angels are Just People from Earth who Built UFO’s. They Left for other Planets and Came back.

Next shows the Mothership in outer space and the space pod bells. Then a giant statue of a pilot laying sideways and in the background is a pyramid. These tablets are 1000s of years old.


The first one is called the Mayan “Tree of Life “. It shows a Man sits sideways working controls in a space pod bell. 


Looking at the Mayan Tree of Life, a man noticed if you turn it sideways, the person inside is breathing through something with his nose. His hands and feet are working controls. It was a brilliant observation. He called it a space motorcycle. Like others I do not think it needs to be turned. I see a person with something near his nose and his hands and feet are working controls. I see him looking upward and siting on a rocking seat.

He is in a Bell like the first U.S. astronaut’s capsule that came back from space. The design was to get through the atmosphere. This one has an engine below it and fire is coming out for a soft landing. It could also return to the Mothership.

Then pilot and a giant working on the same type of spacecraft pod and loading it.


I could show you many more pictures…. but I am sure now you understand and see the truth.

So where did the person come from ? Were there abductions ? Have we been visited or even made by aliens ? Also have you ever heard of Ishtar/Easter the mythical goddess ? She was taken to heaven, then returned. She landed in the Euphrates river, in a glowing red egg. The Dagon fish worshiping people, rolled the egg to the shore. She had sex with many and became the goddess of fertility likened to a rabbit.

It is the reason for the easter bunny and why people paint Ishtar/ Easter eggs and roll them to this day. The Pope of the Roman Catholic church wears the Dagon fish hat ??. The celebration of easter has nothing to do with Jesus or his death, it is pagan. Jesus died on Passover, then he was raised by God three days later.

Ishtar’s glowing red egg in mythology – Russia’s space pod – America’s space pod – All three designed to enter the atmosphere.

fish  yurerytr7612894844_dc2165c76a_z_2_capsule

The aliens were from earth to begin with, as descendants of the four clan people/creatures. The first page of the bible says let the waters be separated. It is talking about good and bad people, the earth was once judged about 6500 years ago. The good males and females were given a food to improve their body, they decay differently then ours and have longevity.

They were given extra information like alchemy, secrets of vibration and how to create from God. They were shown how to make spacecraft and pods for the opportunity to live in the heavens and go to populate other planets and become little gods.

Large and small Cherubs have been coming here fore thousands of years and are still landing here. It is where we got our technology from. Very soon our governments will show them off.

A Buddhist tin showing a man sitting upright in the bell pod.  Their legs are crossed, because the pods are small and they meditate, because their is nothing else they can do. The trip is long and that is the origin of yoga and Om meditation. Today people think you have to get in that position to relax……crazy, but true. They should try laying on a couch, in front of a TV, with a remote. 😀


The India Multi person Vimana’s were copycats of the original ships built in New Mexico. They could leave earth and return.


Indonesia Buddha in a bell space pod. The stone Bells  have window openings all around them, so people inside called Buddhas can see out of their spacecraft pod. The bible records it as cherub covered with eyes and a living creature for the person inside. Cherubim is for more then one cherub. There are also larger Cherub to carry many people. 


Van Allen Belts……a problem and a possible solution.

These are the Van Allen Belts And Magnetic Field, that Surround Our Earth.


The energy that is released as the atoms become stable is known as radiation. There are three types of radiation: Alpha particles, Beta particles and Gamma rays. Beta particles can be blocked by a sheet of aluminum, but gamma rays require several inches of lead, concrete or steel to be stopped. The Van Allen Belts are filled with fast moving electron and proton particles. They produce Beta radiation. Theses particles can cause radiation burns on the outside of a person’s skin if not protected.

When a light weight ship like aluminum passes through the accelerated electron particles, they bombard off the metal. They initially decrease in energy. Then increase in a secondary way. Some protons collided with the electrons and give them their energy. When you put these high energy electrons in a magnetic field, you create EM waves. They produce X and Gamma rays. The radiation can kill people and animals by affecting cells inside their body.

That is the problem when going through the Van Allen Belts, like to the moon. Thick lead is good to protect against x and gamma rays. Yet, it is also too heavy. If you use light aluminum, it protects against Beta electron particle radiation. Yet, not good against fast moving, accelerated electrons. You must counter and absorb or negate them ! It may be as simple, as using a Florine layer between two sheets of metal. To capture the electron or create a positron ??.

Note: Uranium eventually transforms itself into lead. Which means at some point it may contain the same gamma ray blocking properties as lead. That is interesting because some ships might be fueled by it.

As people leave earth and come back, they have to go in and out of the spacecraft. When passing through the hull, they Illuminate from their ship’s Radiation Absorption Ring. It is to counter the Van Allen Belts, in which some types of metal ships, are causing the gamma rays as they pass through.

Folks tend to glow BLUE, but once away for a period of time they look normal and walk among us. Some have become bad and they are called the Illuminati. This is why they look identical to us, they are just men and women from the smaller earth deemed good. Being from the smaller earth, some are tall… up to 10 ft. In the book of Hebrews it says you may be entertaining angles. 

This is me if I passed through the hull of the spaceship’s “Gamma Ray Absorption Ring”. I would glow blue like an x-ray or very ghostly. Also an ancient french cave painting showing glowing astronauts.

2013-10-23-47175_2_IMGA0121 (2)jkgiug

This is A Mayan being Beamed Up.


Hindu gods all glowed blue at first from leaving the spacecraft and some were tall. I am always amazed by the truth found in myths. Go to my Bible and God loves you pages for more information. The Hindu gods – notice they glow blue gray and the last one shows the glow wears off.

shiva5hgfgh_2_hindu god wallpaper (3)vishnu_laxmi_by_flashdel-d46yeqy_2_

The Egyptian gods also had the same glowing. It is going to happen again, the separation of good and bad people. The aliens/mythical gods/angels who went back and forth in the sky are painted as blue.

jgfdsdfghrameses2_amun_khons_mutamun_nebket_pharaohimages (7)

Some went to large Nibiru, the fifth planet from the Sun, between Mars and Jupiter at that time. Nibiru was about 5 times the size of earth with a similar climate. It had lakes and seas. Then it started to expand 1000 years later and flood. Before it exploded and became the asteroid belt, some folks went to other planets and some came back to earth. It was before our planet expanded and our atmosphere became thin. That is why the moon and other planets around us have so many craters and the earth does not. 

Earth will soon expand again, but will not explode.. Notice there are three large planets on the Sumerian tablet. The closet to the sun is Nibiru, then Jupiter and Saturn.


Each clan had an insignia and a flag, with one of four faces. Starting in the Americas the Man was for the red clan, in Africa the Eagle was for dark brown, in the East was the Bull for brown and in the Far East was the Lion for yellow. They are all wearing masks to imitate the space suit helmets below. The snakes symbolize they follow Vishnu.


This is why when looking at ancient stones and pictures, the space gods have different faces and space helmets for the clans. They used all the insignias.


The pictures and carvings are 1000s of years old. Around God’s throne are also the four living creatures. They are leaders of the original clans that were deemed good. The Israelites use these same animal symbols and used the same 4 insignias. This was when dividing their clan into twelve tribes. Amazing ! 


Also three giant Buddhist gods. Each of the three are different skin colors and clans. How is that possible if they were not from earth to begin with ? Interesting .


The story of them is told with paintings and carvings on ancient stones, in and around the pyramids. However the understanding is told in the Bible. Do not worship men…worship God. Very cool.

Snapshot 3 (12-6-2014 1-17 PM)_editedSnapshot 4 (12-6-2014 1-18 PM)_editedSnapshot 2 (12-6-2014 1-17 PM)_edited

Some people deemed good stayed on earth. They became the angels/ messengers instructed to bring God’s guidance, to help the bad. They were assembled in modern Turkey/Eden/Greece by God, but you must realize the continents were once connected. The Garden of Eden was in the east of it and the west is now modern Greece.

In Genesis two stories are been told, the physical location and the Hebrew’s history. There were two Lords in the garden. God our Father and Jesus who had the Mercy Seat. Also in the garden were the fiery stones/spacecraft. The head water represents God’s guidance and instructions. The water split into 4 rivers, they represent the 4 clan leaders. Who were to share those instructions to help all the people who were still in normal flesh after the judgment.

The Tree of Life is Holy Spirit, God gave him His powers. God never wanted to rule over us, but wants to adopt us as His children. The Tree of Knowledge was Vishnu. A leader from the brown bull clan. He initially was given information, like alchemy and vibration, to help the clan leaders heal people. Vishnu became corrupt and charged for medicine. He started telling lies like Satan, to rule over the people.


Vishnu is the one on the left. The one on the right is the Serpent, a statue of Satan/Shiva with his sound weapon. He has a crescent moon and is covered with snakes because he follows Vishnu. He was a native American from the red clan before the continents separated. A red devil with a pitchfork, do you get it now ? Satan’s name is Shiva and was once deemed good. God let him rule and guide the bad people. Satan also got his own large Cherub ship for him to protect God’s throne and later survive the flood.

Satan is the leader of God’s angelic army and has angels that follow him. He is also God’s tempter. Satan/Shiva is a tall man about 7.6 feet to 8 feet tall. God does not want to rule over us, but the bad must be kept in check. In India he is called Shiva the “lord of death” from heaven, because he still works for God as His death angel. No he is not in hell, that is bad religious theology, he lives in heaven/our atmosphere in a spacecraft. Crazy, but true.

Satan was also a priest/instructor for God to the bad people. The King of Tyre and lived in Eden. He was to help them be good with laws to settle dispute and for repentance, but he got filled with pride. He charged for preaching the word of God and became rich and lost his kingship and priesthood. Then God made Adam to have dominion in the garden, this made Satan jealous and burn with envy. Adam was male with no female mate. Eve is then made out of Adam. Before they were enlightened they saw the people in the garden as trees.

Satan deceived Eve to listen to Vishnu. Then he partnered with him, along with a lot of other people and angels. Adam also ate from the Tree of Knowledge and lost the right to eat from the Tree of Life for mankind. See… there are two accounts of creation and how mankind was made, meaning different groups, at different times. Adam failed to listen to God and lost his authority and was kicked out of the garden with Eve. They went to east Turkey near lake Ararat, before it became a mountain. Their clan grew there.

Also some angels left their habitat in space and came back to earth. Angels fly in a spaceships. They do not have bird wings. Some wear 6 tiered capes and royal robes, on their space suits too. Although some cultures like the Sumerian’s described them that way, because they came from above. Also some Christians use a halo for divinity to say some came from heaven. You won’t see this until you read the whole bible to the end.

Those angels were spoken of by Enoch. They had never seen beige/ pink folk. They were created and left earth before them. So when the daughters of Adam and Eve became women, some of the males slept with some of them. So did some of the angels who stayed on earth. Their offspring became the Nephilim/GIANTS and the giants mated each other and made bigger giants. Destroying them was one purpose of Noah’s flood.

God was angry and cursed the Eden /Greek gods and fallen angels in the spacecraft. Those Angels/ Mythical gods that did not repent are now held captive in the Abyss. The angels from Nibiru are fallen from God’s grace, because they did not listen to His will for them. They helped some of the angels on earth, the people of all five color clans and blue bloods build the pyramids across the earth. They ended being locked up too.

Some of the 4 clan angels who stayed on earth also mated with each other. Their descendants did not get to eat the certain food that changes their bodies. Their children also slept with beige/pink men and women. The children were normal. The children of the angels and their descendants are called the “Blue Bloods” and come from all clans. They rule our world by controlling the Economic, Educational, Political and Religious systems. They are considered the world’s Elite.

The spacecraft were built in west America and copycats in west India, in factories. Metals, glass and tiles were also used. Remember the continents were all connected forming a smaller planet. These people knew each other and all lived near and across the original equator. 

These are over 12 buildings in Chaco Canyon New Mexico. They are said to be built in 850 A.D. by Pueblo Indians for ceremonies. They abandoned them to live in tents. I believe they are ancient spacecraft factories, 1000s of years old. A lot of them got washed out by the Great flood. Parts of the canyon were lifted up when The Earth Expanded. Below is Pueblo Bonito with many of the round circle factory floors intact. Some of the ships made here, were fueled by maize and others might have been by Uranium. There are modern roads built between them. I believe Area 51 in south Nevada is a debris confiscation site and test facility.

Larger, better ships were built on other planets and in the moon tunnels. The spacecraft are cloaked gray/blue from the radiation. The spaceships can heat the air forming vapor clouds around them. Israelites referred to them as whirlwinds, chariots of fire and clouds.

A Mayan tablet shows a man is sitting in his one-man spaceship, with the bucket to gathered some maize in.


 A Sumerian Tree of Life tablet is showing others feeding the maize that they collected in their buckets, to fuel a Cherub ship to get back to the Mothership. I know it looks like they are picking from the tree, but the guys in back are standing in line to deposit the maize. The tree is a smoke trail and the ship is above it. The men do not really have wings, their space suits do and the ability to get in a ship and fly. Larger spacecraft may have uranium nuclear fuel. I hope this helps.

Some good angels were also allowed to visit us, they are the watchers. Lately it has only been Satan’s angels and soon our governments will introduce us to the Illuminati, hoping we will listen to them. Some can be tall because they were form the smaller earth. Control is the name of their game.

Today people who follow the Illuminati are themselves called that. I will listen to God our Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, they love us. They set me free with the truth. Angels are to serve and help you…not rule over you and if they do they are fallen from God’s will and grace.

The idea of folks building spacecraft on earth 6500 years ago …. sounds crazy. The thought that they have been watching us for that long, is mind blowing. Some still help us, while others plot against us.

To understand this you must understand God is a Spiritual Being outside the universe. This is why man can not see Him. He had no father or mother or beginning of days or has an end of days. He wanted to share His life, love and father someone. So He created another spiritual being and that is Jesus. Although that was not his original name. Then Holy Spirit, they are His two sons.

God created a physical space for them to dwell, the Universe. He then created a second space inside it, that heated up do to resistance and gravity, it became so dense that it imploded (Big bang). Everything was formed stars, planets, galaxies and they are still forming. Our whole existence is because God wants children and if giving us the choice for adoption. Thank You for reading my website. I know I often repeat myself 🙂 It is the best way to show and help someone to learn.

God picked earth to live on and created physical bodies out of clay for Himself, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Later they also had spacecraft to travel in. Remember God does not need a spaceship, but their clay bodies do. They do need food and drink, but decay differently then our flesh. God spoke to the sea and fish formed, then to land and animals formed. It was God our Father who said “let us make man in our image” to His two sons. Who are the people created by “the us” ? The 4 clans, who were made male and female around the small earth.

Now man can see God’s face and clay body. We can fellowship with Him. When the earth was about to flood and expand, God our Father and His sons got into the spacecraft. After they came back and lived in Salem/ Jerusalem. God is called Melchizedek, He is the King of peace and Jesus is the Prince of peace, they are the two Lords.

Later on Jesus would be born through a woman named Mary. God our Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit used to dwell with mankind. Now because of our continued sin, they dwell in their spaceship. That is where God’s throne is now. God continues to give us free will, but has put a time limit on when those who choose to be bad will rule earth.

Also some of the good angels are with him. Enoch, Elijah, Moses and Jesus in human bodies were taken up to it. The first page of the bible says heaven is the firmament. When the earth starts to expand again, we are not going to be flown away in the spaceships by Satan.

Questions…First country to put a satellite in space ? First to put a monkey in space ? First to put a man in space, 1961 ? First to send monkeys into the Van Allen Belts toward the moon and all the monkeys died ? First to build a space station ? The space age leader that never was able to send a man to the moon ? Answer… Russia.

First country to protect against the gamma radiation. Using a sheet of aluminum and a corrugated honeycomb layer and another sheet of aluminum. First to build a movie set of the moon, with wooden modular props to simulate a moon landing in 1969 ? Answer…The United States of America. Note : China plans to land a man on the moon in 2025-2030. Interesting.

Here Are Ancient Stones 1000s of years old found in Mexico. A UFO with a Mayan asleep in a Space Capsule. Next a UFO carved on a rock protected in a Zoo. Take A Good Look , You Will See Them Again.



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  1. Hi… thank you for visiting my website. I think you are cool !!! Have you seen my Bible page were I prove the Hindu Gods are the same as the Greek gods. they were once in Eden and got kicked out by God and went to India. Please read the Vedas in the Vedic Sanskrit it was written about 5000 years ago. It will help you understand Hinduism. Be careful the new agers have added gods and have twisted the stories. Also you can look at the end of my Revelation page. I am here to help……joseph benante


  2. You been just as deceived as the rest. Sitchin lied about teaching himself how to translate the cunniform and got it badly wrong. UFO’s and ET’s are the red herring. The real conspiracy is a battle of spirit. Jesus said; Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. He inferred spiritual powers, but it is the people in those high places who wield the power and are controlled thru greed by the entities.

    In Buddism: Evil is personified in Mara, the Buddhist Devil, who represents temptation, sin, and death. He is identified with Namuche, one of the wicked demons in Indian mythology. There is a deep truth in this conception of Mara as Varsavarti. It means that the selfishness of man is Satan and the actual satisfaction of selfishness is Hell.

    All of Humanity have been deceived by Ethereal Entities seeking to destroy. The truth is man has put here to protect Mother Earth. We are the Gardner of Eden. He is the spark of the Creator and has within him great power. The deceiver must prevent man from using his power. The perceived reality is an illusion.

    The truth behind the illusion is that everything we see has a million million times more energy than matter (E=MC2). All matter is actually fields (see Higgs Fields) of vibrational energy. The entire universe is filled with these fields with webbed filaments that connect galaxies. All of that vibrational energy is underpinned by an ethereal life energy. All life is connected to that energy. It is The Spirit of the Living God. All humans can access this Spirit and move mountains with it.

    Material Reductionism, Consumerism, alcoholism, practically all the isms are how we are deceived into relinquishing our true power. it begins in childhood till our own belief systems becomes the barrier. “Free your mind and your Ass will follow”


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