Democrat vs Rebublican Lie

The democrats and republucans are on the same team….with the same goals. Democrats play bad cop, republicans play good cop. Wake up !!!!! We are living in a police state, where the government rules the people. The democrats will now rule the government for the next 8 years…until 2029. Then this world age is over. The earth will expand for its second time.

Until then the democrats will use racisim to defund the police. It is a scam…to use the united states military against its people. It is now unlawful for our military to hurt, incarserate or murder the citizens of the united states. Soon it will be legal. The democrats will pack the supreme court and the media will continue to shout, to defund the police. Stay informed and continue to check out my posts.

We in America can not stop them !!! We can only love and help each other. Only Yah’s/God’s only begotten Son Yahshuah/Jesus can save us.