Covid 19 Cure….Infect the Virus

Hi…the solution for the Covid 19 coronavirus is simple. Just Infect the virus. How ? The Chinese weaponized the virus. They made it undetectable, so it is more likely to spread and be more deadly. How ? They mixed the virus with a human growth hormone protein. They created a protein membrane around the virus.

A normal virus attaches to the cell with protein receptors. These little spikes around the virus. It secreats sugars into the cell’s moiste plasma membrane. Then it secreats sialic acid to enter the cell and Infect it. The virus heads towards the cells nucleus and draws the ions and enzymes it needs the replicate the RNA inside it.

Then because the cell is infected, the immune system creates T and B antibody cells to kill the infected cell. The body removes the dead cells by sweating or through the lungs or nasal passage. The nasal passages and the lungs get inflamed. You get a fever, cough and get a runny nose. These are symptoms that you are infected. Also you are now able to spead the virus to others.

With this new Covid 19 virus, the protein creates a spherical membrane around the virus. It also can attach to the cell’s plasma membrane. Rather then entering the cell and infecting it. The virus mimics another cell, by hiding outside in the protein membrane. So it just asks the cell for the information it needs. Ions, enzymes and more protein. That is what the virus needs to replicate. By doing so, it also drains the cell. Normally cells pass information to other cells by going in and out of the plasma. This is why you do not get symptoms for weeks and then it is too late for the cells.

The immune system is not alarmed, because the cell is not infected, so no T and B antibody cells are made. Therefore there is no killing of the cell and no symtoms. This is how the Chinese weaponized the virus. They made it stealth. Than the cell appears to die of natural causes. Yet then you end up with 1000s of dead cells at once and your symptoms become severe.

So the solution is simple. By making it stealth, they created an akele’s heal. Now the virus can only attach to the cell by the growth hormone membrane around it.

Simple…just Infect the virus through the protein membrane, with Amyloid Beta Protein Peptides. They can enter the virus membrane and cause it to not form protein chains. In other words the new proteins will not fold properly. Therefore the virus will not develope a full membrane when it replicates.

Now the virus is unable to attach to the plasma membrane of the cell. The virus will die. Some argue the virus can not die, because it is not alive. The virus without the proper protein membrane will not be able to replicate. It’s process of infection or overwhelming the normal cell is over.

The School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University, created artifical human PRIONS. These prions can create the Amyliod Beta Protein Peptides, that are needed to infect the virus membrane.

An inhalent/spray can be made to accomplish this goal of introducing the prions. Small does over 3 days…..then wait 3 days and recheck the infected patient. It is similar to the way we use chemotherapy, except through a nasal spray.

The virus cells are very tiny compared to the regular cells. Therefore the normal cells should not be affected.

I have contacted Case Western, the local news and the CDC. No one has responded back to me. Please help share this information to stop the pandemic.

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