Covid 19….. the Coronavirus

Hi …..the sad news is there is NO cure for a virus. 

They must run their course and the bodies immune system takes the virus out of the body. That’s right….there is NO cure for viruses !!!. So how can we stop it ?. Well as of this blog 120,000 have already died in China and their bodies are being burned. Also over  1.5 Million are currently infected in China. The media is not reporting the truth or the scope of this problem. China has over 700 million in  lockdown, in over 24 cities.

Now let me explain the virus.. It is similar to bacteria, except it’s cells are much smaller. Bacteria can be killed and it multiplies by itself. The Covid 19 virus needs a host cell in the body to lock on and reproduce. Then it inflames the cells around it blocking the immune system.

Scientist say the immune system is a separate system and transfers from cell to cell. They are wrong, the system that supplies the cells to fully developed, run in between the cells and around them. Like a river flowing all around the cell. When the cell gets inflamed the flow is cut off producing undeveloped cells.. .Inflammation is 99% of all are deseases. Including cancer. Un-inflame the body and the deseases go away, because cells are able to fully develope.

The Covid virus comes in many strains. A vaccine can be used to protect against a virus, but cannot cure it. Only a well working non-inflamed cell, being fortified by the nutrient system can cure the body. The nutrient system is your immune system.

Technically we, the body is made up of quarks and photons, Which have been mislabeled as gluons. A photon is the wave and the quark is the partial. Light is not a photon, but the light on a photon can be seen at a certain frequency of the wave.

My point is we are formed by these two items and chemosynthesis. A combination of chemical bonds. To kill the coronavirus . Yes I said kill, we must look at the virus cell. It has a protein outer shell. Normal cells love the protein and bond with the virus cell? Like I said earlier that is how the virus reproduces.

If we can break through the protein shell…the nutrient system can overwhelm it and kill it. Then remove the virus from the bodies. Acid is very corrosive.. It can breaks thru the protein membrane. Yet the wrong acid or to much will kill the other cells in the body. Solution is small does of acid, similar to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy poisons the entire body, but in small doses, is more likely to kill the cancer cells in stead of regular cells.

We can use this same technique with inducing acid to the body. Like I mentioned the Covid cells are very tiny compared to a cell in the body. If we use amino acids, like amyloid beta peptides. They should be able to corroded the protein membrain , but not hurt the developed body cell. Presenilins produce theses Amylioid beta amino acids. 

If the body is given small amounts of Presenilins over about four days…we can see it’s affects on the virus in about a week. We simply test patients at different stages who already tested positive to the virus.. It is like popping a balloon and then it will not attach to the cell and reproduce. Please look into this advice.

In China they built two hospitals in 10 days ??? They are not hospitals, but quarantine bunkers. To trick the sick to leave there homes and get out of the public. In these so called hospitals the patients die, then are burned. Over a 120,000 have died of this virus and there is no cure!!!. We need to protect the connected world from this sad tragedy, rather the pointing blame.. Kill it, by putting a hole in the protein membrane and the nutrient/ immune system should be able to overwhelm the tiny cell with out hurting the larger developed cell.



The coronavirus can live on surfaces for between 5 and 10 days. China knows this already and is spraying everything. Cars, doors, streets and street signs, doorknobs…everything !!!! We are letting some travelers in and out of countries without cleaning their luggage ????

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