Prayer and Faith….what are they ??

Hi…if you talk to me, it is called a conversation. If you talk to God…it is called Prayer. It is also a private conversation between you and Him. You do not pray out loud in groups. Do not share it with others or do it to be seen. Go some place where you can be comfortably alone. In your thoughts is a great place. It does not have to be in a certain physical place. You do NOT need others to pray for you. If a person has a high fever or is in a coma, ect… it is OK for someone to pray for them.

Before I continue, I want you to know this….GOD DOES NOT WANT TO RULE OVER YOU !!! God would like to adopt you. He wants to father you. God is giving you the choice to accept His adoption offer. A father does not accept sacrifices from his children. It is the father who shares all that he has with his children.

If you pray/talk to God…do it with fear and trembling. After all He is God. If you pray/talk to your father….come to Him with love. Love casts out fear. Share your life with Him. How your day is going or how it was. Do not use repetitious prayer. He is your father and He hears you. Do not recite other peoples prayers. How would you like it if you had children and instead of them talking to you….they had the neighbors kids write a letter to you and repeat it over and over.???

The relationship you can have with God is, one of a father and child. Let God love, provide, guide and protect you. Inturn realize you are now living under His roof and need to listen to Him. You will need to follow the house rules. They can be found in the Bible. A fathers instructions are not given to harm the child. Although there are times correction is needed to ensure a good life for the child. Remember, if you break some rules you are still his child. Just repent/that means do not just say you are sorry, but start listening again.

GOD LOVES YOU !!! Although He did not make you. Your parents did. God gave the original people the ability to be fruitful, multiply and pass it on to their children and so on. You are born with a Sin nature. That means you have a free will. You make the choices. You life is not planned or predestined. Sin is not listening to God. You do not have to listen. Although you will be accountable for your choices if they harm others. It is appointed man once to die then to judgement.

If you believe what I am saying is true….then it is called having confidence in me. Believing in what God said….is called Faith. It is impossible to please God without Faith. “God I love you, but do not really believe you want to adopt and father me, ” See how that could be found non-pleasing ??!!

Faith is things hoped for, yet not seen. God said in the past we did not listen to Him. That is called sin and the wages of sin is death. God will no longer let us go to Him and say sorry over and over again and keep not listening to Him. Yet by God’s Grace He said….although in the past you did not listen and deserve death… if you listen to this one thing I say, you will be forgiven for everything.

This is what God is say… repent/start listening and go to my First Son Jesus. He has the mercy seat. Jesus has earned it. Ask Jesus for forgiveness and then you can go to God in right standing and God will give you Eternal Life. The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of this Life. This is why Jesus is truly the only way to God and hope of salvation. It is by Faith we are saved. Not of works, that we should boast.

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