Beauty for Ashes…..why ?

Hi….I going to tell you a story. Wait till reading the whole story before you decide if it is true or not.

“Ring around the Roses, pocket full of posies. Achoo achoo….we all fall down.”  This is a famous nursery rhyme. The story goes…that there was a big flue epidemic in the 1800’s. They came up with the rhyme to warn others if someone sneezes on you…you could die. So be careful and protect yourself.

“Ring around the Rosey, pocket full of posies. Ashes ashes…..we all fall down.” That is thought to be a Roman Catholic version of the same Rhyme.

What if there was a lot more written in those few verses then understood.

The original people on earth were made males and females in groups, about 10,000 years ago. They were given the ability to be fruitfull and multiply. After many generations (about 6500 years ago) the earth was judged good and bad. The bad were gathered to one place called Eden. Eden was a very large area including today’s Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

Some of the good were also gathered there. The good were given Kingdoms and Priesthoods over those judge bad. This is so the bad could become good. Sanctuaries were built as learning centers. To distinguish the difference between good behavior and bad behavior. God gave His message to messengers to share with the people.

Messenger in Greek is Angelos. Angelos was transliterated to English as Angels. An Angel is a messenger judged good that bring forth God’s message. Not some supernatural being.

All the rest of the people on earth were not judged good or bad. They stayed in their own homelands.

God lived in Eden with His two son’s…Jesus and Holy Spirit. They had a garden in the east of Eden to dwell. The Angels were allowed to visit them and got their messages.

Shiva was the King and Priest of TYRE and an Angel that protected the garden. Then Shiva decided the bad people… were bad and need to pay for God’s messages – instructions. He started to charge for God’s word in the sanctuaries and even brought in trade. The bad people had to pay for their salvation. Shiva ended up losing his Kingdom and Priesthood. Also he was no longer allowed in the garden.

It was at this time God made Adam and put him in the garden of Eden to be in charge. This was about 5800 years ago. Eve was then made out of Adam.  Shiva became very jealous of Adam…but was afraid of him. So Shiva got word from Vishnu… (the Tree of Knowledge that brought forth good and evil) …that Adam was not to learn/eat from Vishnu

Shiva sneaked back in the garden wearing his priestly breast plate. It was similar to the ones the Levites wore in Israel, but it only had 9 stones. The Levites had 12. Shiva deceived Eve to listen to the teachings of Vishnu. Then Eve got Adam to do the same. This made God upset.

God cursed Shiva and told him, Eves seed would rule over his seed. Also Shiva would eat dust/ashes all the days of his life. Shiva regretted what he did (not necessarily sorry, but regret). So Shiva walked around and around the garden saying he was sorry.  Shiva said he did wrong. He put ashes on his clothes and then rolled around in a pile of ashes in front of the other Kings and Priest in Eden. Shiva claimed he was dead to himself and his old ways. God saw this and forgave him. BEAUTY for ASHES.

Shiva did not get his old job back as a King and Priest, but was put in charge of God’s new Angelic army.

Wait !!! The story gets crazier…..The Israelites after coming out of Egypt were given the law to help them settle dispute and for clean and healthy living. If they followed it…all of it, they would get eternal life. Also those living around them would want to assimilate with them, because they would be prospering. As you know they messed up and constantly simulated with others and the other’s gods.

The Israelites were commanded to keep the Shiva/Shava/Sabba/Sabbath…the seventh day. A day of rest. Shiva in Hindu is the Lord of 7. The Israelites were also told that if they did not listen to God..they should let others know. They needed to repent and start listening to God. They did this by putting ashes on their clothes and rubbing them in. They also tore their clothes on the seventh day. Beauty for Ashes.

Wait it gets better !!!! There was a man named John. He was a full Levitical Priest from the daughters of Aaron. His father was High Priest in the month of Abib or Nissan. John decided to leave the priesthood to make a path for our coming Lord. John put on a hairy garment like those prophets of old. It was a vest/mantle over your regular clothes. He ate honey and locus. Locus was an unclean thing to eat, but he did it to show he was a sinner too. Although other then that, John was a very righteous man.

John called those out of Jerusalem, that had ashes on their clothes. He led them to the Jordan river and told them to wash their clothes. To make them white. He even helped them scrub. That is what Baptism is and was for. To clean the ashes off your clothes.

John told them to repent, that our new King was coming to wash the inside of us. John then said behold the lamb who takes away the sins of the world. It was Jesus and he asked John to baptize him. John was a Levitical Priest and Jesus was a Priest of the order of Melkezideck . The Priesthood was transfered when Jesus was baptized by John. Then the Holy Spirit came down and rested upon Jesus.

Jesus will now baptize us with the Holy Spirit. Who convicts us of our sin and brings us into truth. This is how we now improve our lives. Jesus said wash the inside of the cup and the outside will be clean also. By the blood of Jesus are robes are now made white.

No more Beauty for Ashes….just real repentance. A desire to listen to God.


In Hindu, Shiva came up with the idea for prayer beads. As he moves from one bead to another…he repeats how sorry he is and then throws ashes on himself. The Roman Catholics have the Rosary prayer beads and repeat over and over again around the Rosary. For lent…a time of repentance, they put ashes on their foreheads.

Ring around the Rosary, a pocket full of poises(dead to self) Ashes ashes we all fall down.

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